Brandon Frere – 12,000+ Pages of Victim Impact Statements

What began as an action by the Federal Trade Commission against Brandon Frere, AFB, AF Student Services, Ameritech Financial, and Financial Education Benefits Center has almost reached its conclusion, reporting to prison. As a result of Frere’s student loan assistance activities, he was nabbed by the FBI at the airport. Frere was to report to … Read more

Good and Bad News for Brandon Frere of American Financial Benefits Center

Brandon Frere who is the honcho behind American Financial Benefits Center and a subject of the action by the Federal Strade Commission against the student loan debt relief companies, has won a victory of sorts. Good News I received an alert that the court has awarded him a nine-month stay in the proceedings against him … Read more

Brandon Frere of American Financial Benefits Center – Arrested Before Flight Out of U.S.

Student loan assistance company executive Brandon Frere, 41, was arrested and faces a maximum prison term of 20 years in jail. An FBI Special Agent has stated in unsealed documents that Frere, the honcho of American Financial Benefits Center, a student loan assistance company sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was arrested just prior … Read more

I Can’t Get a Straight Answer About What is Going On With Ameritech and the FTC

Question: Dear Steve, Are you familiar with Ameritech? I can’t seem to get an answer from anyone there as to the status of things in general. My daughter has paperwork with them and we I don’t know to assess the situation. No one seems to think what I saw on the internet with the FTC … Read more

This Student Loan Assistance Marketing From Ameritech Financial Will Make You Feel Violated

I’ve been helping people with debt advice or assistance since 1994 but this marketing just revealed in public filings is creepy as hell. If I had not seen the images myself I would not have believed it. This material was made public in the suit brought by the Federal Trade Commission against American Financial Benefits … Read more

The Number of People You Give Gifts or Rides Too Impacts Your Student Loan Payment

Under the heading of “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” I was reading a recent FTC filing in the case involving American Financial Benefits Center. An FTC investigator made a call to an AFBC sales agent named Hollywood. The sales representative asks the undercover investigator about how big her family is. HOLLYWOOD: Three, so is … Read more

American Financial Benefits Center Hit by FTC Over Student Loan Assistance

The Federal Trade Commission has charged a student loan debt relief operation with bilking more than $28 million from thousands of consumers throughout the country by falsely promising that consumers’ monthly payments would go towards paying off their student loans. This is the eighth action the FTC has taken in Operation Game of Loans, the … Read more

AFBC and Student Loan Payment Reduction Department

An amazing reader, JMAN sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program. This one is for something called the Student Loan Document Preparation and Processing Services Program, Student Loan Payment Reduction Department, and AF Student Services. The key here is nothing in this self mailer is clearcut. The outside … Read more