American Financial Benefits Center Hit by FTC Over Student Loan Assistance

The Federal Trade Commission has charged a student loan debt relief operation with bilking more than $28 million from thousands of consumers throughout the country by falsely promising that consumers’ monthly payments would go towards paying off their student loans. This is the eighth action the FTC has taken in Operation Game of Loans, the …

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Have I Been Scammed by American Financial Benefits Center? – Deb

Question: Dear Steve, I did sign up with AFBC, my payments went from $300/mon to $99/mon and I paid straight to them. supposed to be for 20 years and then I was done. After 1 year they said they had to include my husband’s income which is barely minimum wage. Now I’m paying $126.78 to …

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AFBC and Student Loan Payment Reduction Department

An amazing reader, JMAN sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program. This one is for something called the Student Loan Document Preparation and Processing Services Program, Student Loan Payment Reduction Department, and AF Student Services. The key here is nothing in this self mailer is clearcut. The outside …

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