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Spent Through 401k Money But Can’t Afford Bills. Husband Unemployed. – Jan


“Dear Steve, My husband lost his job about 4 years ago. We were in debt then and had started to make extra payments to try to get out of debt. With the loss of his income, I went back to just making minimum payments on everything. I took money out of my 401k just to help us pay bills on ... Read More »

    I’m So Afraid, Scared, and Ashamed About Bankruptcy. – Jack

    afraid alone

    “Dear Steve, I’m 75K in credit card debt. My take home pay is 3136 a month. My monthly expenses plus credit card bills equals 3172. I have $900 in savings. This doesn’t include my $5100 tax bill due in 6 months or groceries. I’ve been barely able to make ends meet and I put groceries on my cc. Now I ... Read More »

      Diagnosed With Cancer, Income Dropped, and Deep in Debt. – Betty

      'Cancer' highlighted in green

      “Dear Steve, Household income dropped in 2009 by $75,000, during that time I was also diagnosed with cancer, thus, medical bills on top of everything else. Now I find myself with $55,000 in credit card debt and yes, I am making minimum payments but that’s it. I have talked with a couple of different debt relief agences, both debt settlement ... Read More »

        Chapter 2 – What Your Money is Trying to Tell You


        Chapter 2 – What Your Money is Trying to Tell You The truth about money is that money is a thing. The leaves left in your gutters could have more value and worth if we all agreed they do. Money is just paper, metal or virtual credit in a computer. The truth about money is that if you think you ... Read More »

          This is a Scary Time in My Life. I’m Worried About Filing Bankruptcy. – Karina

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, This is a scary time in my life. I am self-employed. I am 57 years old, single, and live alone in an apartment in San Francisco. Following my divorce three years ago, after 18 years of marriage, I found myself in the position of not being able to pay monthly expenses on my income alone. My apartment is ... Read More »

            I am a Debt Collector and Now I’m in Big Trouble With Debt Myself. – Brent

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            “Dear Steve, I 42 years old, my wife and I have been married 11 years and have two boys ages 9 an 5. I have had a good career in the collections business over the years, so finding myself in this situation is extremely difficult. Not only are we in debt, but it seems the bottom has fallen out and ... Read More »

              I Am In Constant Anxiety About Our Debt. – Amy

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              “Dear Steve, I am married with 2 young children under the age of 5. My husband has been out of work since the Fall. He is under a non-compete which makes it difficult for him to find work in his field until November 2010, at which time the non-compete expires. I include this info because there is a real possibility ... Read More »

                I’ve Never Been in Debt Like This. I Don’t Know What to Do. – Brad

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, I have credit card debt about 25.000 I have no employment and I ,am taped out. I have never missed a payment or been late or had a charge off in almost 20 years . I have not had any calls yet but these payments are due now. What should i do. Where do i start. I have ... Read More »

                  We Have Enough Cash to Make it Four More Months. – Laura

                  Ready to Collapse

                  “Dear Steve, My husband was downsized from his company and due to previous bouts of unemployment we had to make house payments w/credit cards and amassed major debt and did not get that paid off prior to him losing this position. We have enough cash to make it for another 4 months and then we will be tapped out. I’m ... Read More »

                    Robert Says “Please help. I never knew financial burdens can cause so much stress.”

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                    “Dear Steve, I have a $190,000 mortgage @ $1614. mo w/escrow. I am $66,000 in credit card debt @ $1520. per mo. Married with 4 children and over my head in bills it’s hard to put food on the table. My income is $5400 mo. I have $34,000 of credit card debt and my wife who does not work outside ... Read More »

                      I’m So Far in Debt I Don’t Know What to Do – Gloria

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                      Gloria “Dear Steve, I have gotten behind in mortgage vehicle and monthly payments. I have so many collection agencies contacting me that I don’t even know how far into debt I am. I have credit card debt that is above $10,000. My husband is laid off of work. I am being garnished . i just don’t know what to do ... Read More »

                        I Can’t Sleep. I’m So Stressed About My Debt.

                        Can't Sleep

                        I don’t know why but tonight after two hours of sleep, I was wide awake. My solution was to head up to the guest room and watch some television in hopes I would fall back to sleep. No such luck. As I laid there watching the overnight infomercials on the little television I could not help but remember those days ... Read More »

                          Will Banks in Dubai, Hunt Me Down in Canada? – Kent

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                          Kent “Hi Steve, I left Dubai without paying my credit card bills with 2 int’l. banks. I am now here in Canada on a permanent resident status. Can they trace me here? I am worried that it might adversely affects my application for Citizenship should I apply after 3 to 4 years. I am really stressed now. Thanks, Kent”   ... Read More »

                            Shellie Had Cancer And Is Now Slowly Dying From Terminal Debt

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                            Shellie “Dear Steve, I had cancer and a lot of complications with it, at the same time my youngest son had lung surgery. I don’t have any other outstanding bills other that medical. Even with insurance i still owe about 6 or 7 thousand dollers in medical bills. I am getting disability but it isn’t much. My husband works but ... Read More »

                              What to Do if Your Creditors And Bill Collectors Make You Really Angry

                              There is only so much one person can take.

                              I’ve heard more people issue swear words and threats against creditors and debt collectors than you can imagine. Having the pressure increase when you are in debt makes good people say and do silly and regrettable things. Many feel those normal emotions but feeling like you are going to explode or wanting to kill the debt collector or yourself is ... Read More »

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