For Two Years I’ve Been Contemplating Bankruptcy

Question: Hi Steve, First, love that you volunteer saving animals, I actually do the same! The reason I write you today is that for nearly two years I have been contemplating filing bankruptcy. Four years ago I came down with a debilitating disease and had to quit working altogether. Moved back with mom for day-to-day … Read more

I’m So Afraid, Scared, and Ashamed About Bankruptcy. – Jack

“Dear Steve, I’m 75K in credit card debt. My take home pay is 3136 a month. My monthly expenses plus credit card bills equals 3172. I have $900 in savings. This doesn’t include my $5100 tax bill due in 6 months or groceries. I’ve been barely able to make ends meet and I put groceries … Read more

I Got Credit When I Turned 18 And Now I’m Considering Bankruptcy. – Melissa

“Dear Damon, I was completely clueless when I was younger. The second I turned eighteen, I got a credit card. And then another. And then another. And another. And now, with over 10k in debt, just out of a year of unemployment, I’m still floundering. The job I have now is barely above minimum wage, … Read more

My Husband and I Have a Crushing Amount of Debt Due to Mismanagement and Poor Budgeting. – Lisa

“Dear Steve, I posted this to the forum for Damon Day and he said we should set up a telephone consultation. Since we are having financial difficulties, we are a little hesitant to pay the fee. My husband and I, through general mismanagement of funds and lack of budgeting, have found ourselves with a crushing … Read more

Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement Failed But I Do Not Want to Declare Bankruptcy. – Sue

“Dear Steve, My husband and I separated about 3 years ago, with that in mind we both did the most selfish thing- we spent on our credit cards. We racked up so much on our credit cards, that we did not even realize how bad we had put ourselves in debt. Fortunately we got back … Read more

I Really Screwed Up And Need Some Direction. – Chris

“Dear Steve, Poor, Poor, Poor money management!! I need some direction on what to do. I am terrified of bankruptcy, and want to do anything to avoid it. I have read a number of things on your web site, which I truley appreciate, and you have talked about the failure rate of so many people … Read more

Should I File Bankruptcy. We Are Hanging By a Thread. – Kellie

“Dear Steve, Husband and i both lost our jobs and we are hanging by a thread with child support and unemployment. My question is we have about 1300 a month in income and about 3000 a month in bills with credit cards mortgage lights food etc. that dies not include the 1000 of dollars in … Read more

When Doing What You Think is the Right is the Wrong Thing to Do During Financial Troubles

I am forever faced with people who tell me that no matter how bad their financial situation is they will never consider bankruptcy as an option. Now I understand to that person, the thought of bankruptcy is reprehensible. They feel it is morally wrong or against their religion. They feel it is a violation of … Read more

Debt Collector That Called People Loser for Not Paying Their Debts Just Went Bankrupt

I don’t think people who go bankrupt are losers or morally corrupt. Most people are just good people stuck in the middle of a really bad situation. But people do feel bad about the situation and often feel less than whole for having lived through the need to file bankruptcy. But I could not help … Read more

My Bankruptcy Case Has Been Filed and I’m Scared. – Traci

“Dear Steve, My bankruptcy case has been filed and I will be going to the meeting the the trustees in a couple of weeks. I did alot of cash advances and alot of withdraws out of my account. I am afraid they will think I am being fraudulent and not discharge anything. I am very … Read more