The Alan Thicke Article I Didn’t Have the Balls to Write

The Calgary Herald had the balls to write an article I passed on when it was announced Alan Thicke had unexpectedly passed away. Apparently people in Canada are just a bit bitter about Thicke’s role in Canadians falling into problematic debt settlement with Cambridge Life Solutions. You can read the full article here. Their headline …

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Canadian Cambridge Life Solutions Draws More Unwanted Attention With Alleged Links to Past

A reader sent in a tip about a recent article out in Canadian Business about the debt settlement efforts in Canada. Here are some excerpts: “The most visible of the new firms, Cambridge Life Solutions, launched a marketing campaign during the past year on radio, television and the Internet. It’s fronted by Ontario-born actor and …

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Alan Thicke Pushing Cambridge Life Solutions in Canada With Criticism

A reader sent in yet another news video critical of Cambridge Life Solutions and spokesperson Alan Thicke “That’s forcing some consumers into the welcoming arms of firms promising to magically wipe away their debt. Chances are you’ve seen or heard Canadian actor Alan Thicke, delivering an energetic sales pitch encouraging those facing debt problems to …

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