I’ve Been on a Debt Management Plan with Allegro Law and Need Some Answers. – Dustin

Dustin “Dear Steve, I have been on a Debt Management Plan with Allegro Law for 1 1/2 years, Just found out about this whole deal with Allegro Law, as my creditors are calling me to see why they haven’t received a payment for the month of July, when I spoke to one of my creditors … Read more

Can I Transfer My Allegro Law Debt Settlement Contract to Another Company? – Rafael

“Dear Steve, I have been with Allegro since June of 2008. They have helped me pay down over $4000 on a huge debt and lowered my interest rate by half. I have seen the recent news and I am concerned about losing my rate and fixed payments. The phone system at www.allegrolawreceivership.com says that all … Read more

Allegro Law Debt Management Clients. Important Information to Get Better Service.

I’m reposting information that I had posted as a comment on the article about the Allegro Law debt settlement mess. I wanted to make sure that people who were Allegro Law debt management clients saw this important information. Attention All Allegro Debt Management Clients I have made special arrangements for you with Cambridge Credit Counseling … Read more