Warning: Boring But Important Look at Secret Consumer Arbitration Waivers

Here is a very interesting but technical post from the folks over at Level Playing Field on the use of secret arbitration waivers consumers are bound to but don’t have access to until it’s too late. Some debt relief companies are using these so head up. Are secretive arbitration waivers fair to consumers? For the …

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Clear Your Debt, Global Client Solutions Case Kicked Out of Ohio Court to Arbitration

Yesterday the case against Clear Your Debt in Ohio was dismissed and sent to arbitration. Interestingly, the co-defendant Global Client Solutions’s request for arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act was denied. The ruling provides yet another example of why consumers should carefully evaluate debt relief services prior to signing any contract and make sure they …

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Credit Card Arbitration Falls Out of Bed. Began with National Arbitration Forum Getting Sued.

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson and the National Arbitration Forum—the country’s largest administrator of credit card and consumer collections arbitrations—have reached an agreement that the company would get out of the business of arbitrating credit card and other consumer collection disputes. “I am very pleased with the settlement. To consumers, the company said it was …

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