Should We Go With the American Direct Financial Debt Settlement Program?

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Question: Dear Steve, Im 65yo and wife 64yo. She works about $110,000/yr. We used to bring in income double that. Around $250,0000 in 401Ks. We’ve been carrying debt -credit card over 15yrs making minimum payment-NONE missed, going down super slow now around $84,000 (bad business we gave up and home repairs). I was forced to …

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Is American Direct Financial Legtimate and Should I Use Them for Debt Settlement?

Question: Dear Steve, Looking for debt settlement options. What is your opinion American Direct Financial our of Southern California? Are they legitimate and would you recommend them for debt settlement? Thank you for your time and consideration. Roger Answer: Dear Roger, I’m assuming the American Direct Financial you are speaking of this located at AmericanDirectFinancial.com. …

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