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CareOne Said They Could Not Help Me With My Amex Debt. – Chris

“Dear Damon, Credit Card debt accumulated, fast and i couldnt keep up. Felt helpless with the other bills so I put my resources to living expenses and car payments. Amex and BOA fell far behind and I just felt overwhelmed with the numbers. Now Amex has filed suit against me in Michigan. I owe between all debts $10,046. Amex is ... Read More »

    NCO is Offering Me a Settlement On My Amex Card. Is It a Good Deal? – Wayne

    “I am a self employed contractor in 2008 things went south . I owed amex approximately $32,000 have payed it down to $1608.94 with some interruptions . I was turned over to NCO Financial and have been making aggred upon payment for about 10 months. NCO called and offered a settlement for $5,000 out of the blue it sounds like ... Read More »

      I Am Living on Social Security Benefits, Filed Bankruptcy and American Express is Coming After Me. – Buddy

      “Dear Jeremy, I am disabled with no job for 5 years now, and living on limited S.S. Disability benefits which is not even enough to pay my monthly mortgage. I (only me, my wife is out of the country) filed Ch.7 bankcruptcy almost 4 months ago and still awaiting for the discharge which is hopefully happening very soon. One of ... Read More »

        American Express – DIY Credit Counseling Repayment Plan Terms

        Ready to Collapse

        The following information is designed to assist you to put together a self-directed debt repayment plan with the creditor listed. This information has been obtained from a number of sources and while believed accurate at the time it was posted, it may have changed. However, it is good information to use to get an understanding of the types of things ... Read More »

          American Express is Coming After Me and I’m Out of Work. – Jan

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          “Dear Steve, I have an american express debt of 7200 tried to call when i couldn’t make monthly payments to get payment lower; they wouldn’t have continued to send them $25 per month although they have debt collectors calling me. i haven’t worked since October and have a summons to go to court. i have 26000 in stocks set aside ... Read More »

            Nationwide Credit Took Over My American Express. – Barbara

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            I owe them money I have been paying since 2007 400 a month with a different collection agency and then nationwide took over and I have been paying them 500 a month and now I am having a hard time making the 500 a month payment. They have called my family and have been harrassing me and my family constantly ... Read More »

              What is An Honest Solution to Reduce My American Express Debt? – Joel

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              Over a period of 10 years or so, I have increased my American Express debt to $37,000. I own a home improvement business, and have been putting material costs on this card. My monthly minimum payment is over $700, and I try and pay at least $1000 a month to it, but it is becoming extremely difficult to continue this. ... Read More »

                I Have Accounts With AMEX and B of A That Are About to go to Collections. – Edward

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                Edward “Dear Steve, I am not a great storyteller so here is my situation- I have three accts with AMEX that are charged off and are about to go to collections total is about $8,000 I have credit acct with BoA that is charged off to the tune of $5,000, I don’t know what to do. I lost my job ... Read More »

                  I’m a Student and Can’t Pay My AMEX Bill. – Erin

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                  Erin “Dear Steve, I am a student, owe AMEX $5,500….am in a full time graduate accelerated program for next 14 months, cannot work & cannot pay the minimum payment, my mom has been helping me but cannot do it anymore..I called AMEX to try & get some help but all they offered was a low interest rate My mom is ... Read More »

                    AMEX Says They Don’t Own My Account Anymore. – MD

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                    “Dear Steve, AMEX sent me a letter to make a payment by 6/16/10 or possible placement with a collection agency. Account was sent to a collection agency on 6/05/10 prior to deadline. I called today and found that the account is cancelled and cannot talk to them anymore. I went online and still was able to make a partial payment ... Read More »

                      American Express Told Me They Won’t Work With Individuals. – JS

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                      “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been struggling with credit card debt. In 2004 my husband started a small business which was paying well until the economy took a nose dive. Aug of 2008 we put 5 of our 6 credit cards on a debt consolidation program. Thankfully we are nearing the end of those payments. But we kept ... Read More »

                        Plastic Power: Smart Strategies for Making the Most of Your Credit Cards

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                        At GetOutOfDebt.org, we help thousands of people with too much debt. So you probably figure we’d think credit cards are terrible, right? Wrong! Credit cards can be a great tool and can even save you money if you’re smart about how you use them. That doesn’t mean charging up a storm on things you can’t afford, or even using your ... Read More »

                          I Lost My Job And Then Found Out I Was Pregnant. – Amanda

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                          “Dear Steve, In August ’08 I lost my job and a month later found out I was pregnant. I was in search of a job immediately after losing my job but still used my card for a few things. I have a $9400 american express deb from over the years. That was one card that overwhelmed me due to affording ... Read More »

                            I Owe American Express and I Am About to Start a Debt Repayment Plan With Money Management International. – Shelley

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                            Shelley “Dear Steve, I have about $26,000 in credit card debt and am about to start a plan with Money Management International. The question I have is about the American Express account, which is about $12,000. Over the last year, iIt has bounced from 2 collection agencies to a law firm, Mann-Bracken. I am never able to make the $300 ... Read More »

                              Sharin and Lipshie Just Froze My Assets for My Business American Express

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                              “Dear Steve, i recently had a business i shut down , real estate related, we had a american express card in the business , they just had a lawyer freeze assets in my personal bank account , and my account i share with my 95 year old father, the firm was sharin and lipshie, is there any thing i can ... Read More »

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