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I Lost My Job And Then Found Out I Was Pregnant. – Amanda

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“Dear Steve, In August ’08 I lost my job and a month later found out I was pregnant. I was in search of a job immediately after losing my job but still used my card for a few things. I have a $9400 american express deb from over the years. That was one card that overwhelmed me due to affording ... Read More »

    Chloe Ruins Credit of Daughter With American Express

    American Express Card

    Chloe “Dear Steve, My daughter opened an AMEX card for me since my credit is fair. She got me a card in my name off of her account to be used for emergencies For the first 8 months of the card I was able to pay the bill however in mid July I came upon financial hardship and wasn’t able ... Read More »

      American Express is Horrible. They Are Suing Me. – Jonathan

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      “Dear Steve, Amex is horrible. Apparently they are suing me for 15k. Long story short; got behind on my Amex bill 60/90 days in Nov 08, they sent me to third party collector (Allied Interstate). In Nov I called Amex trying to pay them, they wouldn’t work with me at all. Setup DMP with CareOne, who sent Allied 3 checks ... Read More »

        I’ve Got Some Cash on Hand. Should I Settle With Amex? – James

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        “Dear Steve, I live in California and have been self employed for 15 years. Long story short, in 2006 business was extremely slow and I acquired a $32,000 balance between two Amex cards. One card is business one personal and have an interest rate of 8% and 10%. I also have two or three other credit cards with zero balances. ... Read More »

          I Was Given an AMEX Card With The Business and My Name On It. – John

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          “Dear Steve, A family member (father) owned a business that I helped operate for a short period of time. My sister worked in the office at this time. I was given a AMEX business credit card with the business and my name on it. Eventually, my father retired and closed the business. Soon there after, I learned that the card ... Read More »

            My Husband Died of Cancer and I’m Trying to Settle My Debt. – Dana

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            Dana “Dear Steve, My husband died 2 months ago from cancer, so loss of income from social security of $1400 a month. Had over $100,000 in CC debt due to business. Business now in Chapter 11, so it can’t be repaid. Credit card debt w/ Bank of America settled for 27%, Chase settled for 35%. AmEx says 70% lowest they ... Read More »

              AMEX Won’t Accept My Settlement Offer. What Do I Do Now? – Michelle

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              Michelle “Dear Steve, I had been an AMEX customer for years who always met my monthly obligations. My husband lost his job 2 years ago and because of the economy, has not been able to find another. His income was the primary income for our family. He started his own company at the end of 2007 and it is doing ... Read More »

                American Express is Suing Me. – Vince

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                “Dear Steve, I have a $13,000 debt with AMEX that we have made monthly payments on until October 2009. As a result of being self employed and experiencing a poor 4th quarter in 2008 we have not been able to make the monthly payments on AMex as well as a several other credits cards equating to an additional $27,000. AMEX ... Read More »

                  Can I Bypass United Recovery System to Deal With American Express On My Own? – Miranda

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                  “Dear Steve, Two cc’s- one for 8k (amex) 21k (BofA)- about 60 days past due. Saving cash (closed three 401k’s) for settlement on my own Amex has turned my account over to United Recovery Systems. They are rude, intentionally “stupid”, and can’t even make a decision without putting me on hold to “call Amex”. Can I bypass URS? I have ... Read More »

                    I Was a Perfect American Express Customer and Now I Can’t Pay. – Isaac

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                    Isaac “Dear Steve, I have been w/ American Express for over 8 years… PERFECT! until october… as many other thousands or millions… Can’t pay and owe them around 35K… been making little payments every now and then but my situation is getting worse and worse… what can happen to me? What would you do? Isaac”   Dear Isaac, If you ... Read More »

                      Can I Go Bankrupt in the U.S. Even Though I Live Outside the States Now? – Peter

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                      “Dear Steve, Used to live in the USA, moved to UK for work with intention of moving back to USA after visa re-issued. Due to financial climate never moved back to USA. Have an American Express credit card with a very large outstanding balance. Transfering money to the USA every month to pay the minimum, obviously no longer using the ... Read More »

                        Is There Any Way to Settle Our Debts With AMEX and Beneficial? – Jennifer

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                        “Dear Steve, We got ourselves into trouble with credit cards, espeically with our amex and a beneficial loan which are 18000.00 combined. Our other loans/credit cards are one for 2k, one for 1300.00 and one for 2400. the payments on the first two are killing us financially each month. Is there a way to negotiate with the creditors (mainly amex ... Read More »

                          BB Owes American Express $40,000, She Can’t Pay It, Bill Collectors Are Starting to Call

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                          BB “Dear Steve, I’m in approximately $80,000 of credit card debt with an unfortunate and sudden drastic change in finances due to situations beyond my control. I owe American Express $40,000 along with other credit card debt. I have never been late on my payments except this month. American Express along with a few more creditors has already begun to ... Read More »

                            We Just Got a Summons to Appear in Court From American Express. – Nathan

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                            “Dear Steve, Help. My Wife and I just received a summons to appear in court from American Express. We both had a decrease in income and admittantly ran our debt too high. Once we realized we were over our head, we began the process of working something out with all of our credit cards. American Express was the only one ... Read More »

                              American Express Cancelled My Card With Them Because My Mom Defaulted on Hers After 32 Years. – Carl

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                              Carl “Dear Steve, I earn 85K clear of tax per year, I have a total of 95K in unsecured credit card debt, I am single and cover the expenses of my mother with a disabilty and she lives with me. My mother had an American Express charge card for 32 years, she made a few late payments recently so Amex ... Read More »

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