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I’m Thinking of Bankruptcy Because of American Express. – Kendra

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“Dear Steve, 8 years ago I got an American Express Card. Silly me. Got laid off… couldn’t afford to pay on the measly 300 i owed, I fell behind once and they charged me ridiculous fees, fell behind again…now because of the fees, and not paying…they start hitting me over the limit fees. I called to settle 4 years ago, ... Read More »

    My Business Work is Dead and I Defaulted on My American Express Card. – John

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    “Dear Steve, i’m a contractor that used my amex c.c. for business. work is dead and i defaulted on paying the balance. I am asked to sign an agreement from a law firm and pay 2,000 up front on a 6,000. balance and they are adding about 800.00 in court apperance fees,though we havn’t gone to court. I can’t afford ... Read More »

      I Was Making Payments to American Express and They Are Now Threatening to Sue Me. – Gracie

      “Dear Mitch, My financial life is too horrible to go into, has been since 2001 and as a result, what once I could pay I now can’t. I had 2 American Express cards that I have been making good faith payments on each month and have been for some time. Now I’m being sued by American Express because of ‘failure ... Read More »

        Second Annual Small Business Saturday Could Mean Deal For American Express Cardholders

        November hosts Small Business Saturday! Never heard of it? Me either. But apparently in honor of the day which is dedicated to small businesses on the busiest shopping weekend of the year the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is urging consumers to support the day and attempting to spread awareness. “For the second year in a row, American Express OPEN has ... Read More »

          American Express Targets Whippersnappers With FourSquare Credit Deals

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          It was only a matter of time before credit card companies entered the location-based, social media scene. It was announced today that American Express and Foursquare have officially teamed up. I remember when Foursquare hit the scene back in 2009. “This is stupid” I said. “Why would I want anyone to know where I am? This won’t last” Wrong. A ... Read More »

            CareOne Said They Could Not Help Me With My Amex Debt. – Chris

            “Dear Damon, Credit Card debt accumulated, fast and i couldnt keep up. Felt helpless with the other bills so I put my resources to living expenses and car payments. Amex and BOA fell far behind and I just felt overwhelmed with the numbers. Now Amex has filed suit against me in Michigan. I owe between all debts $10,046. Amex is ... Read More »

              NCO is Offering Me a Settlement On My Amex Card. Is It a Good Deal? – Wayne

              “I am a self employed contractor in 2008 things went south . I owed amex approximately $32,000 have payed it down to $1608.94 with some interruptions . I was turned over to NCO Financial and have been making aggred upon payment for about 10 months. NCO called and offered a settlement for $5,000 out of the blue it sounds like ... Read More »

                I Got Cancer and My Credit Went South So I Went With First Choice Debt Resolution. – S

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, I had pristine credit for 10 years and then got cancer in 2008 and also lost my job that same year so at that point I was unable to keep up with my credit cards. I had unfortunately been in a really bad relationship for 5 years and I allowed that person to run up credit card balances. ... Read More »

                  We Moved from Australia to the UK and Now Can’t Pay AMEX. – Chantel

                  Ready to Collapse

                  Chantel “Dear Steve, My husband and I moved to England from Australia two and a half years ago and everything was going fine but unfortunatley our circumstances have changed quite dramatically. We have two credit cards one with Amex and another with City bank which totals nearly twenty thousand between them. We have always paid our bills and have not ... Read More »

                    I Have Accounts With AMEX and B of A That Are About to go to Collections. – Edward

                    Ready to Collapse

                    Edward “Dear Steve, I am not a great storyteller so here is my situation- I have three accts with AMEX that are charged off and are about to go to collections total is about $8,000 I have credit acct with BoA that is charged off to the tune of $5,000, I don’t know what to do. I lost my job ... Read More »

                      I’m a Student and Can’t Pay My AMEX Bill. – Erin

                      Ready to Collapse

                      Erin “Dear Steve, I am a student, owe AMEX $5,500….am in a full time graduate accelerated program for next 14 months, cannot work & cannot pay the minimum payment, my mom has been helping me but cannot do it anymore..I called AMEX to try & get some help but all they offered was a low interest rate My mom is ... Read More »

                        I Lost My Job And Then Found Out I Was Pregnant. – Amanda

                        Ready to Collapse

                        “Dear Steve, In August ’08 I lost my job and a month later found out I was pregnant. I was in search of a job immediately after losing my job but still used my card for a few things. I have a $9400 american express deb from over the years. That was one card that overwhelmed me due to affording ... Read More »

                          Chloe Ruins Credit of Daughter With American Express

                          American Express Card

                          Chloe “Dear Steve, My daughter opened an AMEX card for me since my credit is fair. She got me a card in my name off of her account to be used for emergencies For the first 8 months of the card I was able to pay the bill however in mid July I came upon financial hardship and wasn’t able ... Read More »

                            American Express is Horrible. They Are Suing Me. – Jonathan

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                            “Dear Steve, Amex is horrible. Apparently they are suing me for 15k. Long story short; got behind on my Amex bill 60/90 days in Nov 08, they sent me to third party collector (Allied Interstate). In Nov I called Amex trying to pay them, they wouldn’t work with me at all. Setup DMP with CareOne, who sent Allied 3 checks ... Read More »

                              I’ve Got Some Cash on Hand. Should I Settle With Amex? – James

                              Ready to Collapse

                              “Dear Steve, I live in California and have been self employed for 15 years. Long story short, in 2006 business was extremely slow and I acquired a $32,000 balance between two Amex cards. One card is business one personal and have an interest rate of 8% and 10%. I also have two or three other credit cards with zero balances. ... Read More »

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