Great News for Veritas Legal Plan

A year or so ago Veritas Legal Plan, Angelo Anzalone, Decision One Debt Relief and others were sued by Funding Metrics, a merchant cash advance company. Well not only does it look like the suit is over but Funding Metrics can’t file that case again. It’s done. As usual, the only people that really probably … Read more

Arete Financial Group and Veritas Legal Plan Concern Raised But Here is an Answer

I received the following statement from a tipster regarding Arete Financial Group that was recently taken over by the court. Send in your tips here. “I used to be an employee at Arete Financial. I worked for the debt settlement team… Initially they had the team at their Huntington Beach office then moved all of … Read more

Decision One Debt Relief and Veritas Legal Plan Sued by Funding Metrics

Funding Metrics has sent out a press release announcing they sued a host of people over a business debt settlement service. This is not the first suit I’ve seen by merchant cash advance groups against debt settlement companies who are allegedly representing business debt consumers. In the interest of a disclaimer, I have known Angelo … Read more

Peak Legal Advocates Client Agreement Review

Recently I published Reader Raises Concerns About Peak Legal Advocates and Veritas Legal Plan Gets Tossed Under Bus. Between the post and the comments a concern was raised about the Peak Legal Advocates program. And a back and forth commenced between Rob Katz of Peak and Angelo Anzalone of Veritas Legal Plan. I do have … Read more

Reader Raises Concerns About Peak Legal Advocates and Veritas Legal Plan Gets Tossed Under Bus

Update March 24, 2017 – Veritas Legal Plan responds to allegations. Click here. I recently received some concerns from a reader regarding Peak Legal Advocates. The reader said: “Thought you might find the attached agreement interesting. Peak Legal Advocates – (PLA) is charging consumers 12% of their debt for a prepaid legal plan that is … Read more

DIY Debt Settlement – How to Handle Lawsuits

If you or someone you know is going through a difficult debt situation and want to do something about it there are many options available to consider but it’s no secret that debts can be settled directly with creditors and with the overwhelming amount of information online, consumers are educating themselves on how to negotiate … Read more

NCO Agrees to Settle Chase Bank Account. Chase Backs Out of Deal.

Angelo Anzalone, president of Active Debt Solutions, has asked me to bring to your attention an issue with Chase Bank and NCO that concerns him regarding the backing out of a settlement agreement with Chase Bank USA. Anzalone states, “We reached a settlement agreement with NCO on a Chase account. The terms were as followed: … Read more

Veritas Assurance Group Announces Full Legal Protection to All Consumers in Any Debt Settlement Program. No Need for an Attorney Debt Settlement Company Anymore.

This is finally public and it might be a great asset to all performance based debt settlement companies that would like to provide legal protection to their clients. It’s a big advantage for consumers since they can now get access to legal protection while in a debt settlement plan without having to pay an attorney … Read more