Department of Education Missing Money for Art Institutes and Argosy University Students

Just yesterday I recorded this ridiculous podcast (not for faint-hearted ears) about the financial mess with Argosy University and Art Institute campuses. Damon Day and I talked about the “missing money” that students were expecting to receive from their federal student loans to help pay for everyday expenses like rent, mortgage, food. The Department of … Read more

Would You Pay $90K for an Associates Degree in Web Design?

When you ask the average person if paying $90,000 for a two-year degree in an entry level field like web design makes any sense they’d hopefully question the logic of that. But when you add a salesperson in the mix promising all sorts of magical things, it’s not surprising an average consumer might fall for … Read more

What Can I Do With My Art Institutes and Argosy University Private Student Loans? – Robyn

Question: Dear Steve, I have 2 private loans with Navient that is a result of extremely high tuition fees from a “for profit” college. I attended the Art Institute, part of the EDMC and Argosy for profit schools, which have recently closed down 15 of their campuses nationwide. Of course, my campus is not one … Read more

How Can I Make My Art Institute Online Student Loans Disappear? – Justin

Question: Dear Steve, I enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online back in 2004 for my diploma in web design. I had taken a few classes and realized that what I was being taught was nothing more than I could learn for free through tutorials online so I called them and let them know … Read more

The Art Institute Forced Me Out of School and Left Me in Debt – Rachael

Question: Dear Steve, I attended the Art Institute of San Francisco and during my senior year, the market crashed and student loan borrowers changed the minimum credit score rating for individual borrowers from 720 to 750. I was told in order to continue receiving loans for school I needed a co-signer, which is something I … Read more

Who Do I Contact to Learn More About an Art Institute Lawsuit? – Kimberly

Question: Dear Steve, I attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia during 2003-2006. I was awarded a bachelor’s degree of which is not accredited. The school is currently being sued and is issuing loan forgiveness. I want to earn an accredited degree but I have debt from the art institute. Who do I contact to learn … Read more

People Are Telling Me My Art Institute Student Loans Can Be Forgiven

Question: Dear Steve, I’m a student at an Art Institute campus that is closing. Because of that I’ve been receiving several “debt forgiveness” “tips” from Student Optimum Services and American Student Loan Help Center. Are any of these valid? Answer: As far as I am aware, the fifteen Art Institute locations which will no longer … Read more

My Art Institute and Fullsail Student Loans Are Outrageous and Unaffordable

Question: Dear Steve, I have obtained private loan debts from for-profit schools such as the Art Institutes and Fullsail. These debts have doubled from the interest alone. I find myself in a cycle: when I do work, all of my income goes to paying the minimum payment, or I go back school, but a legitimate … Read more