Will AmeriDebt Never Go Away? Sanctuary Belize Receivership Tries to Find Way .

I still can’t believe the credit counseling failure known as AmeriDebt is still an issue we have to deal with all these many years later. In 2003 the Federal Trade Commission went after AmeriDebt for what was labeled as a fraud within the nonprofit credit counseling industry. The FTC is still chasing the company to … Read more

WSJ Article Turns Sanctuary Belize Into a Bad Cable Movie

The Wall Street Journal has just published a new article on the mess that is known as Sanctuary Belize. The article appears to stem from the FTC massive complaint filed against the foreign development which has roots in the debt relief industry and allegedly targetted retiring Americans. The situation reads like a bad movie script. … Read more

Are Sanctuary Belize Owners Getting the Facts or Fake News?

A reader sent me a screenshot of an alleged Facebook post by a Chris Cammarano who is associated with Sanctuary Belize and a lot owner since 2009. The post by Cammarano gives readers a different point of view, some might even call it “Fake News.” In an apparent defense of actions taken by the Federal … Read more