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Can I File Bankruptcy Without Hurting My Husbands Credit? – Theresa

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“Hi Steve, Can I file bankruptcy without if effecting my husband’s credit standing? I’m in TX, by the way. We have one card that we share and it is at zero balance. I’m an authorized user on another that does have a balance. Everything else is in his name. My debt is about 10,000 and I work as a preschool ... Read More »

    Can I Include Credit Cards I Am the Authorized User on in My Bankruptcy? – Robin

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    Robin “Dear Steve, What I need to know is can I file on credit cards that I am only authorized user? It is in my 70 year old mothers name, would it be possible to do a debt settlement on these accounts? She doesn’t have the funds available to make the payments and neither do I…She has credit score close ... Read More »

      Can I Be Removed as an Authorized User on My Wife’s Credit Cards? – Chris

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      “Dear Steve, I’m an authorized user on my wife’s cards and they have high balances. If I take myself off as an authorized user, which I have, will these accounts fall off my credit scores? I’m considering putting her accounts in a debt settlement and not mine. Therefore taking the hit on one credit score in the family, not both. ... Read More »

        My Ex-Husband Was an Authorized User on My Credit Cards and Ran Them Up. I Went Bankrupt. – Lauren

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        “Dear Steve, My husband and I are in a Ch. 13 Bankruptcy. I filed because my ex-husband was an authorized user on my credit cards I had when we were married. He ran it up and we got divorced. I moved with my job out of state and had an outrageous car note that he agreed to help me pay. ... Read More »

          We Are Drowning in Debt and Can Barely Buy Food. – Kay

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          Kay I asked my friend, Gerri Detweiler, to also answer this question so you could get two independent points of view. You can learn more about Gerri and contact her by visiting her blog. “Dear Steve, I’m a 42 year old married woman with 2 little girls. All the credit cards are in my name. Several years ago, I added ... Read More »

            I am an Authorized User on a Credit Card. Can I Consolidate These Debts? – Mary

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            I apologize in advance for the short response. I am currently away on vacation with limited internet but wanted to give you an answer as soon as possible. Steve “Dear Steve, I filed bankruptcy 8 years ago so when I started to re-establish my credit, I did so by being an “authorized user” on my spouses credit cards. The credit ... Read More »

              My Husband Passed Away And Now the Credit Card Company Wants the Full Amount. – Merle

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              Merle “Dear Steve, I have a credit card that I’ve had for over 10 years. It was in mine and my husbands name. I have been paying by check signing my name all this time. My husband passed away almost 2 years ago. They found out and are now calling for the full amount of $6,000. I haven’t been late ... Read More »

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