Avid Law Center – Consumer Complaint – October 26, 2011

Consumer Complaint Submission

Date This Problem Happened: October 26, 2011 State You Live in: California Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,000 Company Name: Avid Law Center Company Address: Company Telephone Number: Website of Company: AvidLawCenter.com Consumer Statement: Avid law center scamed me out of 5 thousand dollars, they promise everything, but manipulates u …

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Avid Law Center Says They Can Get Our Bank of America Mortgage Restructured. – Debbie

“Dear Steve, We were going to do an exchange in 2006, we bought a house but the sale of our rental house didn’t go through. We now have a mortgage of approx $338,000 and the property is worth approx $102,000. I called the lender Bank of America to see about a loan modification and I …

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Listen to AVID Law Center Messages Left While Trying to Sell Mass Joinder or Loan Modification Services

A couple of days ago I wrote about a reader, who will now learn her name is Lisa. Lisa received this MP-50416E flyer in the mail. The mailer appears to be an advertisement for the consumer to join and be part of a lawsuit against her lender. Lisa later received this retainer agreement from the …

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AVID Law Center Puts New Wrinkle in Mass Joinder Compensation

A tipster (send in your tips here) has just forwarded a copy of the AVID Law Center pre-litigation retainer agreement in which it introduces a new money making effort to charge consumers participating in the mass joinder efforts against lenders. in this case while the AVID Law Center mailers look like the other mass joinder …

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MP-50416E is the Newest Mass Joinder Mailer to Watch Out For

A reader sent in a new version of the mass joinder mailer that is now going out. This is just another misleading marketing piece that looks just like the H-118, 52PLL-T, and 1012-R mailers I’ve written about before. This mailer makes the same unsubstantiated claims of debt forgiveness, interest rate reductions, balance reductions, and an …

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