I Can Guarantee to Make All Your Credit Card Debt and Student Loans Magically Go Away Fast And You’ll Have Better Credit

Yes, that’s right. As many consumers know, when they call one of the many commissioned sales representatives at the average debt relief company they hear about the incredible things the company can do to make debt go away. But did they tell you about the following potential benefits? If you’ve talked to a company who … Read more

For Two Years I’ve Been Contemplating Bankruptcy

Question: Hi Steve, First, love that you volunteer saving animals, I actually do the same! The reason I write you today is that for nearly two years I have been contemplating filing bankruptcy. Four years ago I came down with a debilitating disease and had to quit working altogether. Moved back with mom for day-to-day … Read more

How Avoiding Bankruptcy Can Backfire

In the world of personal finance, credit concerns and debt issues, there is no single issue that is more misunderstood than bankruptcy. Recently the Federal Reserve Bank of New York came out with an exceptional report on the bankruptcy reform of 2005 — which made it tougher for people to file bankruptcy, and was the … Read more

The Moral Hypocrisy of Avoiding Bankruptcy. It’s Good Enough for Your Church.

Having lived through bankruptcy myself I find it very interesting to observe the camps of bankruptcy lovers and haters. Admittedly I was once in the avoid bankruptcy camp because I just wasn’t well prepared for the experience and didn’t have the right frame of mind. But recent news of the Catholic church filing bankruptcy yet … Read more

Credit Counseling Services and the Bankruptcy Conundrum

A press release out by Advantage Credit Counseling Service drew me to their site today. – Source. While there I came across a good example of the ethical conundrum facing nonprofit credit counselors today. Advance Credit Counseling Service is not alone in dealing with this problem. According to the Advantage Credit Counseling Service website they … Read more

Do Not Avoid Bankruptcy – 14 Reasons

Avoid bankruptcy is advice you will often hear in the debt relief world. Companies, from non-profit credit counselors to for profit companies use that advice, sometimes well intentioned, and sometimes just to manipulate you. Companies that use the advice that consumers should avoid bankruptcy are simply amplifying the ingrained fear and prejudice that many have … Read more

I Want to Avoid Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement Companies Tell Me They Can Do That

“Dear Steve, I have a credit card debt to the point were I cannot afford the minimum payments on most of my credit cards. The interest charges are also increasing the balances exponentially. I was approached by many credit card debt settlement companies. I tried a few to see if they could help me reduce … Read more

I Do Not Want to File Bankruptcy and Want to Avoid Credit Cards Forever. – Carin

“Dear Steve, I am a high school teacher-same school 24 years. We had a house fire 4 years ago, fought insurance company, ran up credit cards, then paid them all off. Then my husband’s job was disappeared; found a new one-not paid; now fighting the owner for non payment, looking for another. Credit cards maxed … Read more

We Should be Filing Bankruptcy But Want to Avoid Bankruptcy. – Mel

“Dear Steve, We owe over $100,000 in unsecured debt. Of course our outgoing is more than the incoming. BUT…somehow we have been able to maintain a current status with our payments. Technically, we should be filing bankruptcy but we are going to give repayment on our own a try first. I understand that your first … Read more

We Are Against Bankruptcy and Want to Dig Our Way Out of Debt. – Paula

“Dear Damon, I married my husband in 2009. We have been digging out of debt since then and are just seeing the light, as he received backpay from social security. We vied his credit report, and mostly he has many many medical collections. Some back in 2004, 5, 6…all the way to this year. We … Read more

Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement Failed But I Do Not Want to Declare Bankruptcy. – Sue

“Dear Steve, My husband and I separated about 3 years ago, with that in mind we both did the most selfish thing- we spent on our credit cards. We racked up so much on our credit cards, that we did not even realize how bad we had put ourselves in debt. Fortunately we got back … Read more

My Husband is Not Happy About Possibly Losing The Land. – Linda

“Dear Steve, I am trying to figure out what is the best option for me considering all the pros and cons. I have a 30K credit card debt in total they are 4 credit cards one with Capital One and the others with Chase. These cards are only in my name. A situation I have … Read more

I Do Not Want to File for Bankruptcy. I Want to Pay My Bills. – Angelica

“Dear Steve, I was unemployed for over a year and I am now working. However, my husband and I depleted our savings and got behind on some bills. I have crunched the numbers many times, but I keep coming up with same…we don’t have enough money to get caught up. I have requested a mondifiaction … Read more