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Saving Money When Your Baby is On The Way


Dear Dollar Stretcher, I’m expecting a baby! It’s my first so everything is new for me. I’m feeling overwhelmed with the whole thing. I can’t ask my mom for advice (long story) so I’m really on my own. There seems to be a million things that I need to buy. I want the best for my baby but if I ... Read More »

    Decorating the Baby Nursery on a Budget

    Ready to Collapse

    Decorating Your Nursery Our next project to tackle for the baby’s arrival is getting the nursery ready. This morning it’s a bit like a construction zone as my husband is stalling a ceiling fan and light plus we have all these boxes fill with stuff that we’re donating or mailing to a relative. Preparing a nursery does involve getting some ... Read More »

      Should We Go With Embrace Home Loans for Debt Consolidation? – Jennifer

      Ready to Collapse

      My husband and I had a baby about 2 years ago and shortly after we moved to the small town where I grew up to be closer to family. Which was a wonderful move except for the fact that we both left our higher end paying jobs for jobs that while secure do not pay nearly as much. When we ... Read More »

        Between The New Baby, Truck Payment, and Credit Card Debt, I’m In Financial Trouble. – Bethany

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, I have a new baby, hospital bills from birth and baby’s special needs, am in danger of getting behind on my truck loan payment, have about 12,000.00 in credit card debt from poor decisions in college. I’m overdrawing my checking account every month to cover expenses and can’t seem to get ahead, plus my credit score is poor ... Read More »

          Scammers Use Dead Babies Identities to Ripoff Banks

          Ready to Collapse

          Here’s a scam I had not heard of before. This one is from Wales and the United Kingdom. A NIGERIAN gang which stole the identities of dead babies and then plundered bank accounts set up in their name was jailed yesterday. The gang of three, two men and a woman, stole 44 separate identities over 18 months to set up ... Read More »

            I Am Pregnant and Unemployed. Are Their Companies That Can Provide Me With Debt Relief? – Chris

            Ready to Collapse

            “Dear Steve, I’m 3 months pregnant. I have been out of work since February of this year. I have an outstanding credit card debt of approximately $12,000. I’m afraid that I won’t find a job soon to pay off my debt and eventually be homeless with child. Are there any companies that provide debt relief for someone who is unempolyed? ... Read More »

              My Ultimate Goal is to Reduce My Monthly Payments and Get Out of Debt. – Nicole

              Ready to Collapse

              “Dear Steve, My debt is as follows: $8.5k – Chase Mastercard, $2.6k – Amex, $2.6k – Macy’s Visa, $2.6k – Best Buy, $500 – Discover. I have inerest rates between 21% and 28% on all of the cards due to late payments. Right now I am current on all of the cards but I am only able to make minimum ... Read More »

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