Can I Easily Rebuild My Credit Once My Credit Cards are Paid Off? – Maranda

Question: Dear Steve, I had great credit until I had a baby, then I was in a financial bind and became in bad debt with my credit cards (all 8) became maxed out and no way to pay it all back with out accumulating more and more interest. I was pretty much cornered into doing … Read more

Stop Debt Collectors – 100 Pages of Good Advice

I didn’t tell Gerri Detweiler that I was going to purchase her book and secretly read it. I knew she would have sent me a free copy if I had asked but I didn’t want our friendship to cloud my review of her new book “Stop Debt Collectors: How to Protect Your Rights and Resolve … Read more

ML Writes In, “I Can’t Pay My American Express Card.”

“Dear Steve, I am self employed and have lost an important account. I now cannot pay the minimum on my American Express card, which is $2,000.00. If I pay them I can’t pay my other expenses. Have you any ideas ?” Dear ML, Ouch! I know how much it hurts to lose a major account … Read more