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Will My Bank Freeze My Checking Account When I File Bankruptcy? – Mike

“Dear Lewis, Almost 29K in credit card debit. During the past 3 years I have been divorced, laid off for 10 months ( I am currently working now ) and found out that I have a son with a ex-girlfriend ( I am paying child support ). Their is no savings account and the 401k was cashed during my layoff. ... Read More »

    The Credit Card Company Levied My Bank Account and Took My Student Loan Money. – Lauren

    “Dear Michael, I had a bad debit with a credit card company and it went to third party collections. A judgement was issued against me. I was on unemployment benefits at the time of the judgement, as well as going to school full time. I did not have the means to pay the debt. My bank account was garnished in ... Read More »

      Collectors Called Constantly Scared of Foreclosure, What Can I Do? – Roy

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I have recently taken over management of finances and bill paying from my wife. I always knew we had some lingering credit card debt that had been following us since college, but I had no idea what the real situation was. At this point we are $51,000 in credit card debt. We have a mortgage, a HELOC, and ... Read More »

        I Was Told to Max Out My Credit Cards Before I Go Bankrupt. – Adrian

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        Adrian “Dear Steve, Hi, i lost my job in April and have been unable to get another job, i have £8000 on credit cards, have been making the payments with savings i have which are about to run out so am considering bankruptcy. Should i just cancel the payments to the card companys untill i go bankrupt? I have been ... Read More »

          A Creditor Took My Money in My Bank Account. – Elsie

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          Elise “Dear Steve, Okay, I owe some credit cards. I open a bank account to be able to cash my tax returns, I explain to the lady at the bank my situation and she said as long as I dont have a court order, that no one will touch my money. I went along and took her advice. I send ... Read More »

            I’m Retired And Afraid to Deposit My Money Into My Checking Account Because of My Foreclosure. – Kris

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            Kris “Dear Steve, I am a 69 yr old state of ohio retiree. My home foreclosed, also a timeshare that I had to let go. I could no longer afford to pay the mortgages on either . My retirement check is auto. deposited into my checking account monthly. Steve, I would like to know if the mortgage companies can put ... Read More »

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