I Can’t Get My Mortgage Modified and I’m Behind on Credit Card Debt. – Doug

“Dear Steve, I Was Injured On The Job An Can No Longer Work .When This Happened I Worked Out My Income Over The Next 5 Years The First 2 Years My Income Droped 35% The Next Year Another 15% The 4th Year Another 15% This Is Where My Income Is At This Time. The First … Read more

Bank of America Says They Will Modify Our Loan But Won’t Give Us Details. – Julie

When we bought our home 8 years ago, we got an 80/20 loan from Countrywide for interest rates in the 8% range. We have been working with B of A, or trying to, for almost a year now to mocify our loan as they said we didn’t qualify for any of the government programs. They … Read more

How can Bank of America lock me out of paying my mortgage online when I am behind a month? – Lisa

My husband and I are in the process of trying to get Bank of America to modify our mortgage for the second time. We are under water and are behind 2 months now. I’ve been assigned an account manager who I cannot get in touch with–all my calls are sent to voicemail. I can’t talk … Read more

How Can We Get Bank of America to Modify Our FHA Mortgage. We Make Less Now. – Dana

“Dear Andy, I was injured and out of work for over a year,and required surgery. My husband was a truck driver, and leased a truck, that was new, and kept breaking down. He could not hardly make enough money to pay the bills,except the mortgage payment. We had to also let a car go back … Read more

I’m Desperate to Get Bank of America to Modify My Mortgage. – Mae

“Dear Steve, Out of work 20 months – have tried to work with BofA on a loan modification for 2 1/2 years. Submitted paperwork to them 9 times and can’t get a modification just the run around. Doing a forensic and securities audit of my loan by an outside agency – can this really help … Read more

Why is Trying to Get Bank of America to Modify a Mortgage Such a Horrible Experience? – Peter

“Dear Andy, Was laid off for 6 months and found a job, but at alomost a 50% reduction in pay. Two months behind with mortgage and all other bills are behind as well. Have applied for the remodification program with BOA, but they are as usefull as.. well you must know! Where can I get … Read more

Bank of America Refused our Loan Modification. – Mary

“Dear Steve, I would like to provide you with our hardship letter. We have suffered serious personal financial crisis, due to loss income. In July 2008, my spouse lost his job as the Director of a nonprofit organization, (85k per year plus car pmt and all medical paid, etc.), due to the many cutbacks in … Read more

Are The Banks Getting Paid Off or Kickbacks to Not Modify Loans? – Vicki

“Dear Steve, My house was sold for $80,000.00 under what I originally paid for it. B of A was giving me the run around. I am off work due to work injury, I started to “try” to talk to B of A before I fell behind on my payment. I filled out paperwork 3 or … Read more

I’m Waiting For My Mortgage Modification to Be Reviewed by Bank of America. – Noel

Noel “Dear Steve, I am an officer for the State of California, and lost 15% $1,100 of my income and it’s caused a hardship because we can’t afford our payment now. It was tough anyway, but after that it’s became impossible. We’ve sent in all the information you advised and a check for what we … Read more