Bankruptcy Case Dismissed, Now What? Debt Settlement Isn’t for Us I Think. – Gary

Back in August my wife and I spoke to a lawyer regarding filing for bankruptcy. We had barely maintained our heads above water regarding our debt. The majority of our debt is unsecured (approx $40k) in credit cards. Our lawyer told us to file chapter 7 even though our income was above the initial means … Read more

How Much Will it Cost to Covert My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7? – Gilbert

“Dear Lewis, I filed chapter 13 and can not afford to pay what was asked. The chpater 13 is being dismissed. What do I need to do to file chapter 7, and what will be my cost? Gilbert” Dear Gilbert, Why did you file chapter 13 to begin with? Did you not qualify for chapter … Read more

Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed. Our Mortgage Company Didn’t File a Claim. – Dalia

“Dear Steve, Chapter 13 was dismissed on 02.02.2011. IRS claims involved. Our bankruptcy was dismissed 02/02/2011. The trustee office has $16,000.00 on hold that was suppose to be paid to our mortgage company for ongoing payments. I recently contacted our mortgage to apply for a loan modification and was told i was about 14 payments … Read more

Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed. What Happens Now? – Kim

We filed chapter 13 br just over 2 years ago. My huband was laid off from his 8 year job just over 5 months ago decreasing our income substansially. Before his job was finished, we contacted our br attorney to discuss what our otpions would be to continue our monthly br payments for the plan … Read more

I Filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy But Now it is Getting Dismissed. – Laketia

Laketia “Dear Steve, I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy in June of 06, I was laid off of my job Jan 09 I notified my attorney and I was told I still had to make my payments. I did’nt have a option of getting my plan decreased or anything I was just told to find a … Read more

My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed by Trustee But I Want to Keep My House. – Norma

Norma “Dear Steve, Due to medical condition requiring several surgeries within last three years, I had to file for Ch 13 bankruptcy but it was dismissed by trustee for not being able to meet the amount of payments the court required. My debts are two mortgages, medical bills, personal loans to family members, a judgement … Read more