Is Bruins Capital a Loan Company?

I’ve previously written about Bruins Capital. You can see the post here. Buried on the Bruins Capital website, they provide the answer you are looking for. They say, “Bruins Capital is not an agent of you or any lender. Bruins Capital services are only administrative. Bruins Capital is a paid marketing lead generator.” So, no. …

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What is Reality – Which Debt Relief Mailer is the Real One?

I have the most amazing readers. One just sent in a bunch of junk mail that littered their mailbox. A couple of the mailers caught my eye. I recently wrote about a Barron Advisors mailer. I said the mailer was suspicious in my opinion. Here is what it looked like. So when the mailers for …

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Barron Advisors Debt Consolidation Loan Mailer – Suspicious

This debt consolidation loan mailer a reader received deserves some special attention if you are thinking of jumping in. So here is what caught my attention. The mailer claims the website of the company is mybarronadvisors.com which redirects to barronadvisors.com. Domain Tools says that domain was registered 78 days ago. – Source The website says …

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