Should We Go With Resolvo to Eliminate Our Debt or are They a Scam?

Update October 1, 2022 – Please Let This Be the Last Let me try to clearly summarize all of the updates and drama in as few words as possible. Benjamin Naderi from Universal Promote says he has no relationship with Resolvo. The web designer that built the Resolvo website says he made the mistake. Corrections …

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Student Debt Relief Operators Agree to Settle FTC Charges

The operators of a student loan debt relief scam have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they bilked millions from consumers by falsely claiming to enroll consumers in loan forgiveness programs, for which they charged up to $1,000 in illegal upfront fees. The five settlements are part of a coordinated federal-state law enforcement …

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FTC Goes After Alliance Document Preparation and Seizes Assets

The Federal Trade Commission has filed suit recently against a number of companies. Alliance Document Preparation was doing business in conjunction with EZ Doc Preps, Grads Aid, First Document Aid, SBS Capital Group, Grads United Discharge, SBB Holdings, EZ Doc Preps, Allied Doc Prep, Post Grad Services, First Student Aid, United Legal Center, Post Grad …

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