I Was Fired in Saudi Arabia and the Bank Wants Its Money Back Now

Question: Jon, I was in Saudi Arabia in 2014-2015 and applied for a loan. I was paying my loan-off into the first 3-4 months and then suddenly told by my employer my services were no longer needed without ANY reason whatsoever. I even tired to find out why but to no avail. I gave my … Read more

Can Bilkish Chase Me in the U.S. for a Debt From SABB in Saudi Arabia?

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Should I Be Worried About Bilkish Chasing me in India or the UAE?

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Bilkish from Pakistan Wants to Collect My Oman Debt in the UK

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Bilkish is Chasing Me From the Philippines for UAE Debts and I Work in Saudi Arabia

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Mashreq Bank is Trying to Collect Money From Me Through Bilkish in the UK

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