Does Bilkish Associates Have Jurisdiction Over Me in the U.S. to Collect a Debt From Saudi Arabia?

Labp’s Husband is Mentally, Emotionally and Financially Abusive. What Should She Do?

Question: Dear Steve, Thanks for your time Sir. 4 years ago, my wife had a job in KSA (Saudi Arabia). She got married then immigrated to USA to live with me. We are originally from Pakistan. Bilkish Associates started chasing her regarding her unpaid loan from alrajhi bank in saudi arabia of amount around 90000 … Read more

Will Bilkish Associates Go After Me for My UAE Debt?

“Hello Jon, I have an unpaid loan of 50k EUR from RAK Bank UAE. Problem is I really cannot pay it , lost my job in Dubai and back in my country where I am unemployed. What the Bilkish Associates LLC could really do against me ? Tiby” Tiby, Just a few questions. What country … Read more