My Husband Has a Traumatic Brain Injury and His Spending is Out of Control. – Laura

“Dear Steve, I am asking the best way to deal with the credit card companies. My husband suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident years back before we met. I was unaware of the severity of the damage to his frontal lobes (in fact he has none) and was unaware of the … Read more

Is There UK Legislation That Would Wipe Out My Debts If I Have A Serious Mental Health Disorder?

“Dear Jon, I have had bi polar disorder since the age of 14. Through manic and down stages and also mixed affective states i have got myself terribally into debt. Most debts i cant even remember. I am now 30yrs old and am wondering whether under the mental health act or some other legislation i … Read more

Can I Get Out of Debt Being Bipolar, Suicidal, Mentally Ill and on Disability? – David

I have a mental illness. I had mental illness all my life. In fact, in 2008 I wrote a suicide email and emailed it to local news station. In 2009, I was diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder and ADHD. In 2010, I borrowed a lot of money to remodel the house. The first mortgage on … Read more

I’m Bipolar and Lost My Job. – Suzette

I lost my job last year in September. I was admitted to a Pchyiatric Hospital. I am Bipolar and suffer fom Epilepsy. I am really trying to find work. owe monies to various Creditors including Standard Bank (five various accounts). Seeing that I am unable to make the payments they are demanding. I have offered … Read more

I’m Disabled. How to I Get Rid of My Student Loans? – Michael

“Dear Steve, Old Unsubsidized and Subsidized School loans(2000, 2001, and 2002) William Ford Direct Loans. From Victor Valley College -Victorville, CA which is a community college. I never graduated and this thing is a mess. I dropped out of school in Jan. 2003 dut to my late brother Mark who died at the age of … Read more

Schizoaffective with Bipolar Disorder on DMP with Money Management International. – Jarrett

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My Mom is Bipolar and The Only Help She Wants for Her Money Problems is More Money. – Lecompete

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Bipolar Spending Spree Results in $79K in Credit Card Debt. – Scott

“Dear Steve, Well, I had finally got my debt under control until suffering a major manic episode. Within 5 weeks I went from 0 revolving debt to 79000 in credit card debt (with nothing to show for it materially other than a TV). Oh, I also bought a new car ($46,000) even though I already … Read more

I’m Currently Reading Your Book How to Eliminate Debt Like a Pro and Have a Question. – Julie

“Dear Steve, Hello. I am currently reading one of your books eliminate your debt like a pro. Here is my situation. I have debt mostly school debt. I ended up being sick in the hosptial half way through college with bipolar. I went to school in order to get health insurance. Now I have tons … Read more

I Worked For You, Remember Me? I’m Now Bipolar and in Debt. – Victoria

Victoria “Hey Steve, I worked for you in 97-98. Blue haired IT Girl? =} Anyway, things are pretty not cool. I need to sign up for a program or something, but I’m not even sure that is possible. I’ve learned some things, since 97 and 98. I’ve learned that I am bipolar, and have a … Read more

My Crazy Bipolar Husband Beat Me Up and Left Me With a Broken Leg. – Cathey

“Dear Steve, My crazy bipolar husband beat me up and left me with a broken leg and 78,000.00 in unsecured debt. I make 70,000.00 a year and am able to make my mortgage payment (I have 30,000.00 in equity) and student loan. However, with his loss of income, I can no longer make the 3,000.00 … Read more

I Already Have Bipolar and Clinical Depression Disorders With Panic Attacks and Now Debt. – Kilandra

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