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Should I Pay My Debt Off in Full Or Do It Monthly? – Dave

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“Dear Steve, I have $5000 credit card debt on one card with 11.9% APR. This debt has hovered around the 4500 to 5000 amount for about a year, as I have been paying off the minimum monthly payment each month, but have been hit with fees. My question is: I just received a $5000 bonus from work. Is it best ... Read More »

    Hi Steve, I Have Another Question For You About My Student Loans. – Samantha

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    Samantha “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, You were already kind enough to answer one of my questions (re: out of control Private Student Loans) and am now hoping that you can help with a follow-up question. I recently earned a decent-sized bonus at work that I’d like to throw towards some of my student loan debt. The amount is large enough ... Read More » How’s this for an unexpected bonus. The lunch rainbow.

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      getoutofdebtguy: How's this for an unexpected bonus. The lunch rainbow. Read More »

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