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I Want to Borrow From My 401K to Pay Off My Credit Cards. – Carmen

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of years. I don’t remember how I first found you. I have $26,000 in credit card debt. There are four cards, the lowest interest rate is 9.9%, the highest is 24.24%. I’d like to take a 401k loan to pay them off. I have ~$60k in my 401k. I would take ... Read More »

    Is 401k Borrowing a Smart This to Do to Pay Off My Credit Cards? – Roxanne

    “Dear Damon, I am 40 years old and am currently unemployed after leaving a great position to spend time with little ones. I now am regretting decision with the bills that are piling up. My husband and I had banked on him getting a promotion, but now we are forced to live off of his $35,000 salary and support 3 ... Read More »

      Boyfriend Cheats Me Out Of Money To Feed His Debt Habit

      Photo Credit: crnewbedford

      I’d like to follow up with my previous article, How Do You Value Your Quality of Life? Debt Solutions to Fix The Future In this article I showcased a friend of mine, Michael. I should point out that Michael was much more than a friend to me, we had been in a very serious relationship for a year and a ... Read More »

        Is There Any Way to Settle Our Debts With AMEX and Beneficial? – Jennifer

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, We got ourselves into trouble with credit cards, espeically with our amex and a beneficial loan which are 18000.00 combined. Our other loans/credit cards are one for 2k, one for 1300.00 and one for 2400. the payments on the first two are killing us financially each month. Is there a way to negotiate with the creditors (mainly amex ... Read More »

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