Boulder Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – December 6, 2018

Consumer Statement: I signed a contract with Boulder Legal Group to get out of about $26,000 of credit card debt. They arranged a draw of about $559/mo for 32 months and I agreed to pay approximately $18,000 over that time. Towards the end of the arrangement I wanted to speed up the process, so I …

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Boulder Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – February 23, 2018

Consumer Statement: My fiancée and I received a debt consolidation advertisement from this company and thought we would like to have one payment for our multiple cards. We called and spoke to David Harris. He declined a consolidation and told us about the program to settle our credit card debts. They would save us almost …

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Boulder Legal Group, Global Client Solutions – Consumer Complaint – November 18, 2017

Consumer Statement: Boulder Legal Group and Global Client Solutions have taken $6,38.78 out of the $11,760 I’ve paid them to resolve my debt without ever having settled ANY of the 5 accounts I signed up with them. Consumer Action Taken: I’ve called repeatedly and have asked for answers only to get “we’ll send out a …

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