Bank Of America Backs Off $5 Debit Card Fees After Anti-Fee Petition Skyrockets

Just one month ago I wrote about the implementation of debit card fees coming into play for big banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo and most notably Bank of America. Due to the change in a new government regulation that caps what banks can charge merchants for debit transactions they announced plans to implement a …

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Are The Banks Getting Paid Off or Kickbacks to Not Modify Loans? – Vicki

“Dear Steve, My house was sold for $80,000.00 under what I originally paid for it. B of A was giving me the run around. I am off work due to work injury, I started to “try” to talk to B of A before I fell behind on my payment. I filled out paperwork 3 or …

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Bank of America CEO: We ‘Missed the Mark’

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan says the company is working to improve customer experience, sitting down with policymakers reforming the financial system, improving risk management practices and making changes to its compensation structure. “Before and during the recent crisis, many of our collective business judgments missed the mark,” Moynihan writes in the letter. “We …

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