6 Reasons Spreadsheet Budgets Beat Automated Tools Every Time

Over the years, that spreadsheet has morphed into a document that primarily tracks our net worth. It tracks our bank accounts, our investment accounts, as well as our tax filings each year. It’s a living document that has evolved over the years. I can’t imagine managing our financial life without it. (the title says budget … Read more

The Best Way to Budget for Home Improvements and Renovations

A lovely reader asked me recently how to best budget for a home improvement project. She is in the middle of dealing with the garage addition to her property she wanted to know if early financial surprises in the project would be an indication of later pocketbook misfortune. Well it turns out I happen to … Read more

Any Suggestions for Good Budgeting Tools to Dig Out of Debt? – Scott

“Dear Steve, My wife and I currently have credit card debt of about $60,000. In addition to that we have 2 mortgages and 1 car payment with about 1 year remaining. We both have incomes, and are barely able to make the minimum payments. We aren’t behind on any of our debts, but continue to … Read more

Does Money And Things Alone Bring You Happiness?

I’m not quite sure what really resonated with me about this video. I guess it is the fact that it is a message that I have heard before from other doctors when I was in the medical community. And it is a realization that I experienced myself in my life. The lessons about material wealth … Read more