Can You Give Me the Name of a Reputable Company to Talk to About Credit Counseling? – Chris

“Dear Steve, Business Owner for 30 years used credit card debt etc to work through downturn. It has failed but I am on to something new in a new entity. I am in process of selling misc assets to weather storm 15 years ago I used Myvesta to consolidate. I need a recommendation of a …

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I’m a Realtor and Drowning in Debt. – Sharon

“Dear Steve, Due to downturn in housing market, my job as a Realtor was almost eliminated. My $160,000 annual commissions went down to less than $20,000 gross. All the costs associated with being a Realtor still applied. I used all my savings, retirement, insurance cash value, to survive. When that was gone, I used the …

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Should the Business Owners Get Involved With Debt Settlement? – Paul

“Dear Steve, I’ve been a business owner for 20 years and along with my partner, we’ve managed to make a pretty decent living in the construction supply and service industry. Years ago, when we started our company, we established credit lines and credit card accounts in our personal names to help fund projects and equipment …

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