Here’s How Much You Need to Make in Every State to Buy a Home

Chances are you’ve considered how much money you would need to earn in order to buy a home. The answer, of course, depends largely on where you live. To give you an idea, finance website HowMuch.net recently crunched the housing affordability numbers for each state to ensure you spend your money wisely. To arrive at its estimates, the website layered …

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How to Get Your Finances in Order Before You Buy a Home

To successfully buy a home these days, you’ll need patience, resilience to rejection and sound financial planning. You don’t need to earn gobs of money to successfully purchase a home — well, depending on your area. You do, however, need to have enough income left over after your proposed mortgage payment and other financial obligations. …

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Will I Ever Be Able to Buy a House After My Bankruptcy and Foreclosure? – Michael

Michael “Dear Steve, I got a chpt 7 a few years back when I was going through a divorce. Ran into some money problems and got a chpt 13 repayment plan but my house was foreclosed on. I am currently renting a home but would like to save money for a big down payment on …

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