CACH and Velocity Investments Lists a Debt on My Credit Report But They Can’t Verify It. – Wayne

“Dear Steve, We have had some written off debts in the past. Some were picked up by third party debt collectors and some we settled either by paying them off or through attorneys for the companies we owed debt to. Recently (a few months ago) I decide to pull a credit report. There is an …

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CACH Purchased My Business Credit Card Account from Bank of America. – Darlene

“Dear Steve, I had a business credit card and business LOC with bank of america that were charged off in march 2011 and i guess purchased by CACH,LLC. I have received a letter form P. Scott Lowery and John C. Bonoewicz. I have rquested validation (April 7, 2011) of the debt and also requested that …

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CACH Letter Says a Sheriff Would Be Sent Shortly. – Douglas

Douglas “Dear Steve, My mother received a collection letter at her home of which I have not lived for a number of years. The letter stated that a sheriff would be sent shortly to serve a complaint. The collection letter said that they are not a law firm, that they were just trying to collect …

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