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Hey Credit Counseling It’s Coming. The No Fairshare Debt Management Plan.

Ready to Collapse

Over the past year there has been more talk from people about rolling out a 0% fairsahre debt management plan. Fairshare is the money creditors “contribute” to non-profit credit counseling groups. It’s a percentage of funds collected from consumers and returned to their creditors. In the mid-1990s the fairshare percentage was 15% of all funds returned to creditors. Today it’s ... Read More »

    Dear Credit Counseling, Times Only to Get Tougher.

    The Current Debt Relief Reality

    Now that the last storm in debt relief is quieting, namely hurricane ‘debt settlement’ that was quelled by the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rules, it has given me an opportunity to poke my head up and take a wide look at the debt relief horizon. And what I’m seeing is concerning. My roots in the debt relief world began with my ... Read More »

      Citibank Closes Credit Counseling Call to Action Program

      Ready to Collapse

      A notice just out to credit counseling groups was sent in by a great tipster (send in your tips here). Apparently Citibank, an initial supporter of the NFCC and Consumer Credit Counseling Service program called Call to Action, is terminating their participation. An email sent out to AICCCA members says: Due to resource limitations and required compliance with policy, February ... Read More »

        2009 NFCC State of the Credit Counseling and Financial Education Sector Address

        Ready to Collapse

        Below you will find the presentation given by Susan Keating of NFCC regarding the state of credit counseling in the United States. I was pleasantly pleased to find the NFCC talking about possibly leaving the door open to pursue offering debt settlement in the future, efforts to regulate the debt settlement industry, and an admission that the Call to Action ... Read More »

          When Are NFCC Call to Action Debt Management Plans Going to Be a Reality? – Eric

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, As of 14 months ago I was grossing $100K/yr, now $42K, I have $51K in CC debt, i am not late/delinquent but it is inevitable, I am down to $1100 bal on a broken down car, $355/mo payment has 3 mo left. I have $7500 in 401K, 44 yrs old. Was able easily to cover CC pmts until ... Read More »

            Call to Action Debt Management Plans Rolling Out Slowly. May Benefit Consumers Looking to Repay.

            Ready to Collapse

            For years I have been emphatic that in a credit counseling or debt management repayment plan, it isn’t the interest rate reduction alone that is important, people need to get their monthly payments reduced. That’s more important. New “Call to Action” debt management plans (DMPs) offer low or no interest rates to people who can qualify. In addition, the plans ... Read More »

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