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The Weirdest Excuses People Give for Not Paying Their Bills on Time

Financing a budget

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance asked me about my job, and upon hearing that I write about budgets and credit cards (and such), she had something she wanted to share. She doesn’t like to pay her credit card bills on time, she told me, because it makes her nervous to see her bank balance dip so low afterward. People ... Read More »

    Cambridge Credit Counseling Talks About Fair Share Creditor Funding

    Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 10.19.07 AM

    Below you will find the latest release from Cambridge Credit Counseling regarding their transparency project. I personally do have to give them a huge hat tip for their unique willingness to post open and transparent information about the measurement of their services and client performance. You can see more about your their latest data release, here. While I have been ... Read More »

      Nice Move by Chicopee Savings Bank to Fund Financial Literacy Project. Hat Tip.

      Ready to Collapse

      Cambridge Credit Counseling announced the release today of the agency’s latest edition of its Learn Now or Pay Later guide to financial literacy. The project was underwritten with grant funding provided by Chicopee Savings Bank’s Charitable Foundation, in recognition of the community education initiatives conducted by Cambridge throughout Western Massachusetts. According to Cambridge’s president and CEO, Christopher Viale, the LNPL ... Read More »

        Considering a DMP with Cambridge Credit Counseling. – Joann

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        I currently owe about $21,000.00 between four credit cards. I called Cambridge Credit Counseling and they are able to set up a plan with two of the four. Of the two that they couldn’t do anything with, one is zero interest so they left it out and the other wouldn’t deal. They are able to substantially reduce my interest and ... Read More »

          Can I File Bankruptcy for My Mother With Dementia? – Vincent

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, Father passed away 10 years ago, mom getting very up in age (over 90) moved to florida after dad passed away to help mom out – live with her and we share expenses to make house run. I became my mom’s legal power of attorney and health care surrogate a few years ago because mom was developing dementia. ... Read More »

            All About Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.

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            Company Name Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. Owners/Managers Christopher A. Viale, President & CEO Thomas W. Hebert, Chief Financial Officer Tracy Guay, Clerk Of the Corporation Physical Street Address 67 Hunt Street Agawam, MA 01030 Contact Information 1-800-CAMBRIDGE (1-800-226-2743) Website Description of Services Provided Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit credit and housing counseling agency. All ... Read More »

              Should I Go With Take Charge America or Cambridge Credit Counseling? – Lynn

              “Dear Damon, I have $60k in debt and am trying to find the best debt consolidation company to use. I have contacted Take Charge America and Debt Counseling Corporation. I saw on on the Get out of Debt Guy’s website that he recommends Cambridge Credit Counseling. Which debt consolidation company do you recommend, base on reputation? Is a $50 monthly ... Read More »

                Cambridge Credit Counseling Releases Latest Performance Report

                Loss of Income

                Cambridge credit counseling has release it’s latest performance report showing the effectiveness of their program. This group was the very first credit counseling organization to actually release information that described the effectiveness of the credit counseling solution in order for consumer to make a good informed decision before joining. Cambridge believes that the unfiltered reporting of performance and satisfaction data ... Read More »

                  The Importance of Data Transparency When Working With Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement Regulators and Lawmakers

                  Ready to Collapse

                  Recently Christoper Viale, the president and CEO of Cambridge Credit Counseling, and I had a chance to talk about a number of issues that are important in the debt relief world today. You can read the full transcript of our conversation below. Some of the highlights are: Coming forward with actual credit counseling performance data was not embraced with open ... Read More »

                    NFCC and CCCS Should be Open and Transparent When It Comes to Performance

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                    For far too long credit counseling groups have remained silent about how their service actually performs. Many routinely direct consumers to nonprofit credit counselors but how effective are they? The actual performance numbers have always been a closely guarded secret. That secret has been held, not out of modesty, but out of fear that when it was reveled, fans and ... Read More »

                      Cambridge Credit Counseling Calls for Better Transparency of Credit Counseling Performance

                      DMP Success Rates

                      Cambridge Credit Counseling finally went public today with its public challenge to the debt relief world to be transparent about the effectiveness of the solutions it provides. I know they’ve been working on this for a while now. This marks the very first time I can think of when a credit counseling agency has embraced disclosing it’s performance measurements. Historically ... Read More »

                        My Walking Tour of Cambridge Credit Counseling

                        Recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with the folks at Cambridge Credit Counseling in Springfield, Massachusetts. I wanted to take you on an audio tour of the office and share with you what I saw. Audio Tour of Cambridge Credit Counseling During the tour you will hear me talk to Thom Fox about our previous visit to the ... Read More »

                          Debt Settlement: Telling the Good Guys from the Bad Guys

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                          A recent video from Cambridge Credit Counseling that focuses on debt settlement companies that are doing things the right way. I think this marks one, if not the first, public statement by a mainstream credit counseling program talking about the benefits of debt settlement for some consumers. Cambridge Credit Counseling is a member of the AACC, who’s debt settlement members ... Read More »

                            Credit Counseling Agencies Challenge FTC to Take Agressive Action Against Debt Settlement Companies for Violating Telemarketing Sales Rules

                            The following letter was sent to the Federal Trade Commission: Read More »

                              Should We Stay With Cambridge Credit Counseling? – Ed

                              Ready to Collapse

                              “Dear Steve, Sometimes you’re damned if you don’t and damned if you you do. For no reason other than probably high balances, my wife and I experienced what millions experienced last year – the banks raising our interest rates to almost 30%. After paying on these cards over minimum for six straight months and not seeing the balances go down ... Read More »

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