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CPA Pleads Guilty In Connection With $670 Million Fraud Scheme

Certified public accountant (CPA) and alleged outside auditor for Provident Capital Indemnity (PCI), Jorge Luis Castillo, plead guilty last week for his role in a $670 million fraud scheme effecting victims across the country and abroad. Castillo plead guilty to conspiring to commit mail and wire fraud, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. According to a ... Read More »

    FTC Gives APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules Thumbs Up For Consumer Information Protection

    Yesterday, President Obama and representatives from other Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies met to discuss consumer cross-border data privacy protection at a meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. The meeting focused on the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules, a new initiative to harmonize safe data sharing across country borders and enhance the protection of consumer data that moves between the United States and ... Read More »

      U.S. Debt Relief Providers Targeting Canada and Canadian Debtors

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      A Canadian trade association reached out to me to let me know what they are seeing from across the boarder. And it sure does not look like the face of America we want to portray. Since I have not had an opportunity to verify the details related to the documents given to me, I’m going to remove the specific company ... Read More »

        I’m in Canada But Have Bad Debt in Bahrain. – Peter

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        “Dear Steve, im a permanent resident in canada, right now. i have unpaid loan in bahrain and agency is chasing me. they said i’ll be hunted down by interpol, ban in any travel and blacklist in any immigration. and put me in jail. can they do that? what will be the problem if i’m not going to pay it? (i ... Read More »

          Canada Consolidation Order / Orderly Payment of Debt (OPD)

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          I’m really just posting this so I can easily find it later when someone from Canada asks a reader question. Consolidation order / Orderly payment of debt (OPD) (Applicable only to residents of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia) What does it mean? If you are unable to manage your current debts, you can voluntarily seek out a legal proceeding to ... Read More »

            Consumer Debt in Canada Reaches Record Levels

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            While consumers in America have been reducing the amount of consumer debt they are carrying, Canadians have been loading up on new debt. A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) just sent me an article that shows overall Canadian household debt is at $1.5 trillion and it states people earning under $50,000 often have to borrow just to ... Read More »

              Canadian Debt Relief Company: Top Five Reasons to Avoid American Debt Settlement Companies

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              Thanks to a great tipster (send in your tips here) I found out about an article published by Total Debt Freedom in Canada. The blog post warns readers to avoid American companies that are headed into Canada to sell debt relief services. Here are the five reasons: Canadian creditors sue more often than American creditors. American debt settlers have little ... Read More »

                Canadians Drowning in Credit Card Debt. Facing Credit Card Servitude.

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                The United States isn’t the only country where people struggle with credit card debt. Our neighbors up above in Canada also face the exact same issues. Here is an excellent video from a Canadian point of view that covers some of the very same issues those of us in the U.S. have to deal with. Get Out of Debt Guy ... Read More »

                  I Owe Rogers Telecom in Canada. How Many Years Can They Sue Us? – Ellie

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                  “Dear Steve, We had Roger’s Telecom for our home, computer, and cell phone. Roger’s could never get our contract straight so we opt out to Bell Canada. Now Roger’s is coming after us for the bill after 4 years. We have been sworn at to the point a Roger’s employee told us to pay the Fuc-en Bill. Then they Roger’s ... Read More »

                    Canada to Switch to Plastic Money They Can Recycle


                    Canada is rolling out new currency. Unlike the U.S. this new currency will not be printed on paper, but on a plastic polymer. The hope is the bills will remain in circulation longer and be harder to counterfeit. An added feature for all you germaphobes out there is the bills will be able to be washed and sanitized. Further, scientific ... Read More »

                      Another American Export, Debt Settlement. You’re Welcome Canada.

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                      Well it appears that Canada is experiencing an exploding wave of debt solution provider and debt settlement companies. I’m not surprised, with the implementation of new tougher legislation in the United States, we knew some debt settlement companies would be looking for less regulated turf. It looks like they found it, just north of the border. And Canada is prime ... Read More »

                        In Debt in Greece and Need to Move to Canada. – Confused

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                        “Dear Steve, Have a mortgage in Greece that no longer can be paid. Been out of work for 6 months. Have a wife and 3 kids and family in North America, that is willing to get us back on our feet. If we moved to Canada ( have citizenship), can Greece come after us for the mortagage we still owe ... Read More »

                          Canadians in Debt From Really Expensive Sheets

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                          I think you’ll like the intro to this story from Canada. The story mentions two debt options. A consumer proposal is like an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) like offered in the UK. In the U.S. the closest similar solution would be a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It’s interesting to see warnings in Canada to avoid payday loans. Get Out of Debt ... Read More »

                            I Live in Canada. I Go to School. My Debt Gets Worse Each Day. – Glanda

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                            “Dear Steve, Hi my name is Glanda, i go to school. i got myself in a debt that i cant even pay back. how can i try to pay back slowly? i really need help with that. i dont even work anymore. iam really confuesed with this pls help me. iam willin to listen to any advise you give me ... Read More »

                              I’m Leaving the Country But Have a Lot of Debt. What Should I Do? – Worried in Ontario

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                              Worried in Ontario “Hi Steve, My wife and I have run up a debt of around $54,000 in credit cards and lines of credit due to medical problems. We haven’t as yet missed a payment on any of our cards and lines but….know that there is no way we will ever be able to repay this debt. We are planning ... Read More »

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