We Split and Now I Can’t Afford the House. But I Want to Keep It. – Nick

“Dear Steve, My wife and I bought a house about a year ago. Since then we have split and went are own ways. I am now left with the house and the morgage. I have been paying on time but it’s getting hard and I can’t continue this every month. I want to keep the … Read more

Loss of Family Member and Income Leaves Me Unable to Afford My Mortgage

“Dear Steve, I recently lost a family member this February who’s name was on the mortgage also. I am not able to pay the current mortgage amount because there is only one income now. I received a Mortgage Relief Advisory flyer in the mail also. I called and gave a little information and the advice … Read more

My Son Was Approved for a Mortgage Way Above His Means. – Anna Marie

“Dear Steve, My son and his wife were approved for a mortage way above their means. The realtor of course only showed them homes at the top prices and made it sound like no others were available. She then got them a home inspector which seemed to miss that the whole house was falling down. … Read more

Will My House Be Safe Under Bankruptcy? – Dennis

“Dear Lewis, I was injured and unable to work. My wife and I fell further and further behind on our bills until we started recieveing notices and calls from collection agency’s. We can make our mortgage payment just fine however there is $35,000 in credit card debt (mainly 2 home improvement cards) We owe $126,000 … Read more

Do You Think Credit Counseling Can Help? – Frank

“Dear Steve, Enjoy, your site, been reading it a lot the last few weeks. I have about $70, 000 in unsecured debt. Owe $22,000 on the car. House that was worth $240,000 is down to $205,000, but I owe $198,000. I got a ARM, loan about 4 yr ago, sounded to good to be true. … Read more

What to Do When You Can’t Pay the Mortgage

If you’re having trouble making your house payments, the first thing to know is that you are not alone. Home mortgage defaults are at an all-time high across America. This is good news for you, because it means that mortgage lenders are familiar with people in default on their home loans and often have established … Read more

We Can’t Afford Our Mortgage and Bank of America Said They Can’t Help. – Anne

“Dear Steve, My husband and I purchased our first home 2 years ago for $745k and put down 20%. The current balance on the loan is about $550k, and our interest rate is 6.875%. Our payments are $3800 per month. We just lost our business that provide about 50% of our income. Because of this … Read more