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We Don’t Have a Lot of Debt But Can’t Make Ends Meet Without Overdraft. – Shannon

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“Dear Steve, My husband and I have 3 small children and he has two children from a previous marriage. We are currently only in about 13,000 in debt but cant catch up any payments making it seem harder to get it together on a budget. As I indicated, we are approximently 13,000 in debt. This comes from family, finance companies ... Read More »

    Can I Accept Responsibility and Pay Off My Debts Without My Husband’s Assistance? – Debt

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    I am 47 years old with credit card debts totally about 15K and Student Loans in excess of 30K. I married my husband 2 years ago in order to provide health insurance for him and his son due to employment changes. Shortly after our marriage, my employer decided to close the doors where I was working – leaving me with ... Read More »

      What to do when there is not enough money to make payments on debt.

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      We are currently in over our heads with debt. We have approximately 6000 in medical bills and about 12500 in CC debt. We signed up for a DMP plan and have been making payments each month until this month. My wife lost her job and went back to school. We have 5 in our household and my bring home salary ... Read More »

        My Parents Have to Help Me Pay My Debt. – Karen

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        “Dear Steve, I have about $36000 of unsecured debt. I am able to make minimum monthly payments on my debts, but that is with my parents paying on one of my accounts for me. Also, I am continuing to use my credit cards for gas, groceries, prescriptions because the monthly payments take most of my income in addition to rent, ... Read More »

          Getting Out of Debt. Our No Win Situation. – Carmen

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          My husband and i are in a no win situation. We have over 18,000 in debt with high interest rate credit cards. We are falling behind because we just cannot keep up with everything. We are to our breaking point…wondering if bankruptcy is our only option. How can we get out of debt and stay debt free when we cannot ... Read More »

            I’ve Consulted With Credit Counseling Agencies And They Can’t Help. – Raymond

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            “Dear Steve, Most of my financial trouble is from not being responible with my finances. However I didn’t realize the severity of my situation until I had to have shoulder surgery and I wasn’t receiving a full pay check from my Employer. Now I realize I can’t continue with what I’ve been doing. My wife and I currently have $70,000 ... Read More »

              I Got a Call From United Referral Group to Negotiate My Debt. What Do You Think? – Nettle

              United Referral Group

              “Dear Steve, When I met my husband he was so in debt and after 20 years I managed to achieve an excellent credit rating. We had many credit cards with zero balances. When my son started his body shop we had no start up capital only the shop to work in and credit cards. The bank kept saying if he ... Read More »

                I Make Too Much to Consider Bankruptcy. – Jim

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                “Dear Steve, We are behind and can’t catch up. We were waiting for a refinance from our credit union. Their guy appraised our house $200,000 than a year and a half ago. We had delayed paying a few bills in anticipation of the cashout. When that didn’t happen, we fell behind. Then my car was stolen and totalled and I ... Read More »

                  I Can’t Afford a Speeding Ticket or Medical Expenses. – Jorge

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                  “Dear Steve, I have credit cards and unsecured loans totaling about $31,000 for which the payments combine to about $1,200/mo. Another $1200/mo goes to other payments such as utilities, car payments, rent, etc. and this does not include my groceries or any social expenses. I make $780/week so this does not leave me much room to breathe and I am ... Read More »

                    I’m a Real Estate Agent That Lost All Income. – Kris

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                    “Dear Steve, Hi, as real estate agent I lost all income, getting a loan reduc mod for mortgage now, I have about 7k in debt. just years of paying minimum or barely over minimum is getting us close to nowhere. I am getting some activity for work but no closings. I found pt work at 450 a month. husband has ... Read More »

                      I’m Digging Myself a Deeper and Deeper Hole Each Month. – Ken

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                      “Dear Steve, Single Dad/ I don’t know where to start. I have 2 credit cards with a total of 30,000 and I’m considering bankruptcy. I’m digging myself deeper each month and don’t know get free from this. I own a house with a small mortgage on it (60,000) there’s some equity there. I guess i just need some advice on ... Read More »

                        We’ve Spent All Our Savings Making Payments But Still in Debt. – Norman

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                        “Dear Steve, I am presently laid and cannot find work! Between my wife and I our income is $661.00. We have about $39,000.00 in debt. That includes 2 vechicles credit card and irs bill. We do not have a home ,rent and have no other bills.We have only 1 and a half years to pay on one vechicle, and four ... Read More »

                          I Have No Money to Pay My Increasing Debt. – Peter

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                          “Dear Steve, I’m a salary plus commision salesperson who’s bottom fell out. My company implemented 30% pay cuts on both salary and commision. Combine this with the slow economy and and I’ve made 40% of last years salary. I have moved to a much smaller apartment and still have no money to pay my increasing 20,000 debt. My cards are ... Read More »

                            Get Out of Debt Podcast – Answers for Deborah Who Was in an Auto Accident

                            Here is the latest Get Out of Debt show podcast. Do You Have a Question You Want to Ask? If you have a credit or debt question you’d like to ask call 919-321-2378. Leave your first name and question and I’m happy to help you totally for free. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? ... Read More »

                              I’ve Made Some Really Dumb Money Mistakes in the Past. – Mindi

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                              Mindi “Dear Steve, I’ve made some really dumb choices in the past.I began working at age 17 and eventually saved up enough money to become a nurse assistant by age 18. when i got my first job making decent money i bought a car cash, broke 3 separate cell phone contracts and then moved in with a guy that was ... Read More »

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