The Weirdest Excuses People Give for Not Paying Their Bills on Time

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance asked me about my job, and upon hearing that I write about budgets and credit cards (and such), she had something she wanted to share. She doesn’t like to pay her credit card bills on time, she told me, because it makes her nervous to see her bank balance … Read more

My Life is Hopeless. I Can’t Pay My Bills. What Can I Do?

Question: I Can’t Pay My Bills. What Can I Do? Dear Steve, I’m so completely freaked out about my bills. I’m now so in debt and worried about it I can’t sleep, I’m depressed, and all my wife and I do is fight about money. I’m constantly telling my kids they can’t participate in any … Read more

I Know You’ll Give Me a Straight Forward Answer On How to Best Deal With Our Debt. – Raymond

“Dear Steve, This debt I’m faced with was accumulated over a period of time, and did not come primarily as an affect from an uncontrolled, frivolous spending lifestyle. Rather, a turn of events that has removed my wife’s income and has left me as the sole provider. During the time that this debt was accumulating, … Read more

We Don’t Have a Lot of Debt But Can’t Make Ends Meet Without Overdraft. – Shannon

“Dear Steve, My husband and I have 3 small children and he has two children from a previous marriage. We are currently only in about 13,000 in debt but cant catch up any payments making it seem harder to get it together on a budget. As I indicated, we are approximently 13,000 in debt. This … Read more

Can My Credit Card Companies Take Anything From Me? – Jim

“Dear Steve, I was using this ctredit for my small business and my daughters wedding. At the time we had solid quarterly dividend check with 3 different investments. They went away with the economic crash and thus no money to pay. we have moved out of state and have made payments for 2 years. We … Read more

Can I Accept Responsibility and Pay Off My Debts Without My Husband’s Assistance? – Debt

I am 47 years old with credit card debts totally about 15K and Student Loans in excess of 30K. I married my husband 2 years ago in order to provide health insurance for him and his son due to employment changes. Shortly after our marriage, my employer decided to close the doors where I was … Read more

What to do when there is not enough money to make payments on debt.

We are currently in over our heads with debt. We have approximately 6000 in medical bills and about 12500 in CC debt. We signed up for a DMP plan and have been making payments each month until this month. My wife lost her job and went back to school. We have 5 in our household … Read more

My Student Loans Have Me So Stressed I Can’t Sleep. – Julie

“Dear Steve, I finished school in 1995. Working three part-time jobs while in school and raising a child a child myself without child support since she was six months. Been struggling from low paying jobs ever since. Now I am married with another child. Between the both of us we make about 35,000.00 a year. … Read more

I Have 16 Credit Cards, Out of Work and Living With Toxic Mold. – Jennifer

“Dear Steve, I have about 16 credit cards that have a revolving balance for a while now (around 2-3 years or more on some.) and I’m in a situation now where I’m out of work and had to evacuate my home because of a toxic mold issue. Even when I was working I never made … Read more

I’m 69 And Lost My Job But I Want to Pay My Debts. – Chuck

Chuck “Dear Steve, I am 69. lost my job of 15 years 6 months ago. Am on SS and work odd jobs when I can. Have 56,000 credit card debt, Was ok while working but now am 6 months behind on large accounts, have been struggling to keep others current. I called credit repayment plan … Read more

Krystle Was 19 Years Old And Had a Mortgage and is Now Slipping Deep in Debt

Krystle “Dear Steve, I’m 21 years old, and live in California. I purchased my first home at the age of 19 and while that gives me a great sense of pride what does not leave me feeling good is my excessive credit card debt. I began snowballing the debt right after I bought the house. … Read more

I’ve Consulted With Credit Counseling Agencies And They Can’t Help. – Raymond

“Dear Steve, Most of my financial trouble is from not being responible with my finances. However I didn’t realize the severity of my situation until I had to have shoulder surgery and I wasn’t receiving a full pay check from my Employer. Now I realize I can’t continue with what I’ve been doing. My wife … Read more