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My Student Loans Have Me So Stressed I Can’t Sleep. – Julie

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“Dear Steve, I finished school in 1995. Working three part-time jobs while in school and raising a child a child myself without child support since she was six months. Been struggling from low paying jobs ever since. Now I am married with another child. Between the both of us we make about 35,000.00 a year. Bearely unenough to pay are ... Read More »

    My Debt Situation Has Me So Worried I Don’t Sleep at Night. – Darcey

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    “Dear Steve, Am gainfully employed, but have over $100,000 in student loan debt, plus around $15,000 in credit card debt. I was an Allegro Law debt management client. I have been usign your site fro gudiance in the Allegro Law mess, as I was one of their former debt management plan clients. In the past year, I received a promotion ... Read More »

      We Have Not Been Getting a Lot of Sleep Recently While We Worry About Our Debt. – KL

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      “Dear Steve, Steve, my husband and I are not getting a lot of sleep lately and we very much related to your story. Thank you. Our situation is my husband is in the real estate business and his income has drastically been reduced. We bought and sold a lot of real estate investment properties and did well when things were ... Read More »

        My Debt Scares Me And Keeps Me Up At Night. – Lee

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        “Dear Steve, It’s about 6 am already – been awake since midnight after a couple of hours of sleep. I am in such a frightening situation and it’s all because of our financial crisis. To top it all off, we recently had a flood in our basement which doesnt help much. We are in danger of foreclosure. Lived in our ... Read More »

          Is It Bad to Go Bankrupt? What Does it Feel Like to File Bankruptcy?

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          Life is ironic some times. Here I was someone growing up that thought that people that found themselves bankrupt were messed up in some way. Yet in 1990 I found myself in bankruptcy. I learned that living through bankruptcy is a whole lot different and that for all those people before that, whom I might have turned my nose up ... Read More »

            I Can’t Sleep. I’m So Stressed About My Debt.

            Can't Sleep

            I don’t know why but tonight after two hours of sleep, I was wide awake. My solution was to head up to the guest room and watch some television in hopes I would fall back to sleep. No such luck. As I laid there watching the overnight infomercials on the little television I could not help but remember those days ... Read More »

              Single Mother, Struggling, Depressed, Anxious, Can’t Sleep. – Veronica

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              “Dear Steve, (struggling) small business owner and single mother. I owe approx 70K in credit cards & credit lines. Tapped out of credit options. In addition, I’m scared, cant sleep, anxiety, etc. I am about to close on 2nd mortgage in order to pay off debts. As an individual, can i negotiate with banks, credit card companies to reduce pay ... Read More »

                Hillary Talks About Tight Finances and Making Ends Meet


                Hillary confides in us about what life is like living month to month and the stress and lack of sleep she lives with when she is stressed. This is an excellent interview to listen to if you are stressed about money or feel like you are struggling all alone with money troubles. Hillary provides advice from the heart based on ... Read More »

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