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Steven is Disabled, in Foreclosure, and Being Sued by Capital One

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“Dear Steve, A hard working blue color man, worked for 30 years before getting injured on the job May of 08. I am now considered disabled. Besides trying to save my home from foreclosure, Capital One is suing me for nonpayment; I received papers from the sheriff saying I have 20 days to respond. Seeing how I am disabled and ... Read More »

Can I Be Sued and My Wages Garnished if I Make $70 a Week? – Karylan

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Karylan “Dear Steve, I am 24 yrs old living at home with my mom and might be getting sued by capital one. I work at a grocery store about 8 hrs a week sometimes not even that. I have had no luck finding a stable job, i might have to quit the one i have becuase i don’t have a ... Read More »

Capital One is Suing Me. Do I Have a Case Against Capital One? – Jody

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“Dear Steve, okay here we go I have just recieved a summonds in the amout of $9700.00 from a lawyer claiming to represent Capitol One. Now i’m not claiming that i don’t owe capitol one money but of course they have tacked on nearly 4,000 dollars to the initial 7,000 i was in default for. Now here is what happened ... Read More »

Capital One Just Raised My Interest Rate by 5%. Should I Close My Account? – Lori

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“Dear Steve, Capital one just raised my interest rate by 5%. I have never even been late with a payment. Should I close the account and pay off at old interest rate, or just accept the new terms? Lori” I asked my friend Susan Nilon to answer your question for you. I wanted to make sure you got an answer ... Read More »

I’m Being Sued By Capital One. Should I Go Bankrupt? – Laura

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“Dear Steve, My husband and I have been struggling for over a while now. I lost my job in the middle of July 2005 which cause us to default on our credit cards in September. I took any kind of job I could, until I finally found stable work in October of 2008. Just when we thought we would be ... Read More »

Mohamad Wants to Pay His Creditors If Only They’d Let Him

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Mohamad “Dear Steve, Our company closed by end of January and I’m behind with my bills. I’m struggling to pay my mortgage. I call other credit cards and some of them made payment plan and lower the interest but Capital One is giving me a hard time. I owe them $16,000 and the collection agency call me and the only ... Read More »

Capital One is Suing Me and I Have 30 Days to Respond. – Sue

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Sue “Dear Steve, I have two issues really. First, Capital One is suing me and I have thirty days to respond and I am gathering my information for that response. What sort of documentation do I need there? Second, I was co-signer on auto loan for a friend. However, the paperwork and loan docs say I am primary borrower and ... Read More »

I’ve Struggled to Pay On Two of My Cards But Capital One Just Sued Me. – Stacia

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“Dear Steve, I am 26, engaged, and have one child. I graduated with a BA in 2008 and the only job I found was as a secretary at the university I went to school at. While in college I racked up $20,000 in federal loans and $15,000 in a private loan. I also managed get myself in trouble with credit ... Read More »

I’m Living in China and Having Problems With Capital One. What Should I Do? – Christina

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“Dear Steve, I opened a Capital One card in September 2005 in order to have an emergency card while I was on a trip to China. The card never arrived in time and from December 2005 onward (before I even used any charges on the card!) I repeatedly asked to close the account. After much a struggle to try to ... Read More »

I’m on a Fixed Income and Can’t Afford My Minimum Credit Card Payment. – Theresa

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Theresa “Dear Steve, I’m on a fixed income and finding it more and more difficult to pay my credit card’s monthly minimum payment. My credit is already pretty well shot as I had to let my car go (voluntarily repossessed) last summer and I’m currently in negotiation to settle a small business loan (SBA). That leaves my Capital One card, ... Read More »

Capital One is Only Suing Me On One of My Cards. – Angela

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“Dear Steve, I live in Illinois and have been summons to court for debt to capital one.My question is why is capital one suing me only for one card I have defaulted on when there are two? I’m being sued for 1800 on a card that had a 500 limit I stopped paying june of 2009 and I also have ... Read More »

I Had a Baby, Lost My Job, and Can’t Pay My Credit Cards. – Amanda

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“Dear Steve, In October 2008 I lost my job. I have 2 credit cards through Capital One and could not afford to make any type of payments on them bacause I had to pay for food and housing and a baby. I am single so no support from a spouse either to at least pay a little towards card. I ... Read More »

I’m in College and Getting Sued by CapitalOne. What Do I Do? – John

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“Dear Steve, Full time college student with debt from credit cards and past balance for a college in California. I’m a 21 year old college student (about a year left of school) My student loans are all deferred until I graduate, but I have two credit cards and a balance from a college I used to attend in California. The ... Read More »

Capital One Sued by West Virginia Attorney General

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Attorney General Darrell McGraw has sued Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. and four other companies in the Circuit Court of Mason County for unfair and deceptive acts and practices, unlawful debt collection practices, and unconscionable conduct in connection with their credit card lending and collection practices. Capital One Bank (USA) is a national bank headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia. It ... Read More »

Capital One Payment Protection Isn’t Covering Me. – Danielle

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“Dear Steve, I lost my job in November of 2008, the day after it happened I called Capital One ( which I had 2 credit cards with) to activate my payment protection on both cards. I had both cards for at least four years & paid for protection on both. I was told I had to wait until it had ... Read More »

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