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Capital One Won’t Accept My Settlement. I’m Disabled. – Wendy

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“Dear Steve, I had good credit until I suffered a stroke after my 25 year marriage fell apart. I am on a fixed income now of $1380 from SSDI. Like Genie was, I am also being sued by Capital one for credit card debt of $3600, + unspecified add’l fees and interest, w/only about 25 days to respond. My credit ... Read More »

    How Can I Lower My Capital One Credit Card Interest Rate? – Kelly

    “Dear Michael, I’m 49 and married. Credit card is with Capitol One and I’ve had it for at least 6 years. No late payments. I don’t remember what my interest rate used to be, I think around 18%, but they raised it a couple of years ago to 24%! A few months ago my limit was raised from $3000 to ... Read More »

      Capital One Sued Me and Won. Now I Want to Setup Payments But They Want Me to Pay More Than I Can Afford. – Bill

      “Dear Jeremy, I received a Money Judgement from the district Justice Court to the Common Pleas Court for 7,071.00. from being sued by Capital One. I tried to set up payments that I could afford, however they said it was not enough. I am recently unemployed and want to know how best to handle this situation Bill” Dear Bill, I ... Read More »

        We’ve Worked Hard to Repay Our Debt But Now In a Tough Spot With Capital One. – Kerri

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        “Dear Steve, We had some life changing circumstances in 2004… it led us to stop paying on 11 credit cards. We went through a debt consolidation company and they basically took our $3800 and did nothing… In the past 2 years we have settled on 7 of these accounts. We got into an amazing church a few years ago and ... Read More »

          How Can Capital One Charge Off My Debt And Keep Charging Me Excessive Fees? – Angelo

          CapOne Terms

          “Dear Steve, I was always under the impression that banks are required to charge off debt at 180 days. Just about every issuer does this and account balances dont seem to increase much more from that point with the exception of Capital One, I have found that Capital One balances increase almost 50% within a year of default. I am ... Read More »

            Capital One – DIY Credit Counseling Repayment Plan Terms

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            The following information is designed to assist you to put together a self-directed debt repayment plan with the creditor listed. This information has been obtained from a number of sources and while believed accurate at the time it was posted, it may have changed. However, it is good information to use to get an understanding of the types of things ... Read More »

              Capital One Wants Me to Pay After Seven Years Or They Will Sue. – Heather

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              Got a Capitol One credit card almost 8 years ago. I was young and irresponsible, went through some hard times in my life and stopped paying. I have not made a payment for more than 7 years, and now they are calling and saying that I will be served court papers. I have a debt with Capital One from 8 ... Read More »

                How Can I Stop Creditors From Tacking On Extra in Court? – Laurie

                I owe about 5,000 in total – i am living in court these days but my real issue is not paying the card in payment is the extra almost 1,000 they tack on – how can I combat this. Need to go to court with capitol one on a 1,000 credit limit and now it is up too almost 2,000 ... Read More »

                  Thanks for This Website! – Rocio

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                  “Dear Steve, I had a baby in 2008 and i couldnt work for a year, so i got behind on all my bill ive been trying to pay one by one but capital one now is taking me to court Hi thanks for this website!! i’ve been sue by capital one the original amount was 500 and now is 1200 ... Read More »

                    Steven is Disabled, in Foreclosure, and Being Sued by Capital One

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                    “Dear Steve, A hard working blue color man, worked for 30 years before getting injured on the job May of 08. I am now considered disabled. Besides trying to save my home from foreclosure, Capital One is suing me for nonpayment; I received papers from the sheriff saying I have 20 days to respond. Seeing how I am disabled and ... Read More »

                      Can I Be Sued and My Wages Garnished if I Make $70 a Week? – Karylan

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                      Karylan “Dear Steve, I am 24 yrs old living at home with my mom and might be getting sued by capital one. I work at a grocery store about 8 hrs a week sometimes not even that. I have had no luck finding a stable job, i might have to quit the one i have becuase i don’t have a ... Read More »

                        Capital One is Suing Me. Do I Have a Case Against Capital One? – Jody

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                        “Dear Steve, okay here we go I have just recieved a summonds in the amout of $9700.00 from a lawyer claiming to represent Capitol One. Now i’m not claiming that i don’t owe capitol one money but of course they have tacked on nearly 4,000 dollars to the initial 7,000 i was in default for. Now here is what happened ... Read More »

                          Capital One Just Raised My Interest Rate by 5%. Should I Close My Account? – Lori

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                          “Dear Steve, Capital one just raised my interest rate by 5%. I have never even been late with a payment. Should I close the account and pay off at old interest rate, or just accept the new terms? Lori” I asked my friend Susan Nilon to answer your question for you. I wanted to make sure you got an answer ... Read More »

                            I’m Being Sued By Capital One. Should I Go Bankrupt? – Laura

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                            “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been struggling for over a while now. I lost my job in the middle of July 2005 which cause us to default on our credit cards in September. I took any kind of job I could, until I finally found stable work in October of 2008. Just when we thought we would be ... Read More »

                              Mohamad Wants to Pay His Creditors If Only They’d Let Him

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                              Mohamad “Dear Steve, Our company closed by end of January and I’m behind with my bills. I’m struggling to pay my mortgage. I call other credit cards and some of them made payment plan and lower the interest but Capital One is giving me a hard time. I owe them $16,000 and the collection agency call me and the only ... Read More »

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