My Wife is a Total Care Invalid and I’m Struggling to Make Ends Meet. – Blan

“Dear Steve, I am recently unemployed. My wife who was employed, due to an accident is now a total care invalid. Last year I had major surgery, was then hospitalized with a septic gall bladder and finally had eye surgery. This required me to have full time 24/7 nursing care for my wife for a … Read more

My Mother Has Debt and Dementia. I’m Her Caregiver. Can I File Bankruptcy for Her? – Sue

“Dear Lewis, I have been caring for my mother for over ten years now and we have gone through many changes in the last two years. First off, Mom put $50,000 down on a house ten years ago for her and my husband and myself to live in. She then sold it to us, eventually … Read more

I Cared for My Mother But She Recently Passed Away. Now I’m Left With Terminal Debt. – Bill

“Dear Steve, I searched for rating of Finacial Freedom Non-profit and your expose of their scam came up. Thank you you are a Saint! I had to take a $18000 salary cut due to a company wide reorganization. In addition, my Mother was stricken with Dementia and Cancer and I took care of her especially … Read more

My Parents Put Me On Their Credit Cards When I Was 15. Now They Use My Credit. – Emma

When I was 15, my parent’s started building my credit by placing me on their cards. Today, I have excellent credit. However, about maybe two years ago, my parent’s lost our home to foreclosure, and their credit was ruined. They now use my credit when they need it. They take care of all those debts. … Read more

How Do I Get Out of Debt if I Have No Work? – C

“Dear Steve, I am currently an independent contractor with 3 dyas of work in the last 4months, I lost my mother who was the care giver for my stepfather, all the insurance and financials are in his name. he is currently in a rehab facility and has been there for 3wks and he can not … Read more