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Why Are My Accounts in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Reported Delinquent?

Payment History Definition

Question: Dear Steve, I filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and it was discharged in 2014. My mortgage was included in this. My question is whether or not my mortgage company can report my mortgage as being late 30, 60 even 90 to 120 days late while in active bankruptcy in 2010, 2011 and 2012? Thanks. Donald Answer: Dear Donald, It ... Read More »

    Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Has Been a Nightmare. – Holly


    “Dear Steve, My husband and I are in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that has been a disaster from the very beginning. We were told we could only file 13 because of an appraisal on our house, a piece of property we were left from an inheritance along with several other family members (that we don’t want but ... Read More »

      My Husband Caught MRSA and Now We Are Filing Bankruptcy. – Page

      Cure the disease

      “Dear Steve, My husband is 66 and I am 57. My husband lost his job soon after we bought our house in 2009. He is now on social security and was working part time until he became ill and has been in and out of the hospital ( 4 times) since October 2012. He is much better but contracted MRSA ... Read More »

        I Suggest Bankruptcy Too Often, So Say Some


        I really do read all the comments, all the Twitter messages you send me and appreciate the feedback. Over time a common statement I get is about my recommendations is that people think I suggest bankruptcy too often. For more information on this topic, please see all the links in my free guide about how to deal with debt. So ... Read More »

          Bankruptcy Filers Eligible for New Mortgages in as Little as One Year

          For those who have declared bankruptcy, it may feel as though you’re on financial probation for up to 10 years, since that’s how long a bankruptcy can stay on your credit report. However, mortgage borrowers could be eligible to apply for a home loan in as little as one year following a bankruptcy. “If you filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which ... Read More »

            I’m Thinking of Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Strip Second Mortgages on Two Homes – Rey

            Ready to Collapse

            “Dear Steve, I own two properties one is a single family home which is our primary residence and the other is an income property. Both houses have a second loan. The second loan in the income property is for $175,000.00 founded through a private lender with a high interest rate. I owe about $65,000.00 on credit cards, personal line of ... Read More »

              Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee Sued by Bank of America to Stop Asking for Notes

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              It appears Bank of America is none too happy with Henry “Hank” Hildebrand, a Tennessee chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee. Hank has been requiring Bank of America to produce the underling mortgage documents to prove they actually own the mortgages that are included in bankruptcy. When Bank of America can’t locate the paperwork, the trustee has been diverting the monthly payments ... Read More »

                I’m Deaf and Having Problems With My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney and Trustee. – Thomas

                “Dear Jon, I filed Chapter 13 over a 1 1/2 ago. I cant find a job even with my degree. I’ve been working with a company that helps people with disabilities because I’m deaf. My first attorney passed away so they gave my case to another attorney. The Chapter 13 Trustee sent me a list of people I owe and ... Read More »

                  Fighting With VA for Pension, Underwater on Two Mortgages and My Bankruptcy Attorney Isn’t Communicating With Me

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                  “Dear Steve, 2003 retired w/2 income properties almost paid for. Filed a 1983 action (long story) against the city. THe criminal and civil case caused me to go from set to swimming in $225,000 in mortgage debt. Income is decent and can be counted on. Disabled in 2005. I have been fighting with the VA for 4 years. I am ... Read More »

                    My Husband Wants to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Thinks I Should File Chapter 13. – Cathy

                    Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 12.34.51 PM

                    “Dear Steve, Husband’s employer closed. He is now receiving Social Security and unemployment. I work a full-time and part-time job and have a little pension check. Our credit card debit is no longer manageable. My husband wants to file chapter 7. He thinks I should file chapter 13. I co-own some property and have $20,000 left in my 401K. If ... Read More »

                      Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Rules, Questions, and Background

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                      Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Background A chapter 13 bankruptcy is usually called a wage earner’s plan. It permits people with routine salary to develop a strategy to repay all or part of their debts. Under this chapter, borrowers propose a repayment plan to make installments to lenders over three to five years. If the debtor’s current monthly income is less than ... Read More »

                        Will Their Chapter 13 Payment Go Up? – Mike

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                        “Dear Steve, My personal “definition” of bankruptcy goes something like this: you have fewer assets than liabilities and you contract with an attorney to negotiate payment/payoff options with your debtors, the plan is then presented to a judge for concurrence, and you begin making monthly payments to someone to satisfy your obligation. I thought, perhaps erroneously, that the bankruptcy decree ... Read More »

                          Can I Keep Discharge My Mortgage in Bankruptcy but Stay in My House? – Sage

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                          “Dear Steve, I purchased my house during the bubble. The morgage is severely upside down. I was able to secure a loan modification and it has made monthly payments manageable. I have some major debt problems and am looking at filing for bankruptcy. I know that I would be allowed to keep my home if I reaffirm the loan. Because ... Read More »

                            Should we file a chapter 13 bankruptcy? Legal Helpers got us a wage garnishment. – TLRP

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                            We have decent income and then lost 1 income 100% – churned up 45k in debt with 20k to irs some of that irs debt is 5k due form last year and 16k due from 2009 just discovered. We were working with Legal Helpers and they helped us get a wage garnishment – we did not have enough $$ in ... Read More »

                              All About Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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                              Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution authorizes Congress to enact “uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies.” Under this grant of authority, Congress enacted the “Bankruptcy Code” in 1978. The Bankruptcy Code, which is codified as title 11 of the United States Code, has been amended several times since its enactment. It is the uniform federal law ... Read More »

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