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I’m Still Struggling Even in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – Robbie

“Dear Lewis, i filed bankruptcy in 2008. payments to the trustee is taking out of my paycheck.i make the mortgage payments. when i filed, i place 3 payments in the bankruptcy. i got here due to many credit cards, lost hours at work. i’m the only one working. my wife can’t work, not a citizen. my problem is that i’m ... Read More »

    I Got a Big Raise and I’d Like to Take Over My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Myself. – Zach

    “Dear Lewis, I am currently 1-year into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. When I initially filed I was making a set income, after 6-months into the C13 I received a promotion and my salary increased substantially (90k per year to 130k per year). I would like to see what my options are on reclaiming my debt personally and managing it myself ... Read More »

      Which Would Be Better, Debt Settlement or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Julia

      “Dear Lewis, My husband and I make $4088 per month (Soc Sec + PT Job); we owe approximately $57,000 in credit card debt. Our house is worth about 175,000 with a balance of about 95,000. We own 2 vehicles outright (2002 Buick Le Sabre, and a 1995 Dodge conversion van). Our home is a converted old church building; it has ... Read More »

        I Was in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Got Married. Do I Need to Tell the Trustee? – Melissa

        “Dear Lewis, I Im at the end of my Chapter 13 & filed & reside in the state of Pa. I was a year & a half into the banktruptcy when I got married , but failed to tell the lawyer or trustee , i just assuemd there was no reason because this was filed before I knew him. I ... Read More »

          We Need to Buy a Car While in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. How Do We Do This? – Kevin

          “Dear Lewis, Filed bankruptcy (Chapter 13) 6 months ago and have found ourselves in a difficult situation. Our car has broken down to the point that it is not worth fixing. We need to get a new car but with our recent bankruptcy, is it even possible; and if so, will our chapter 13 payments be adjusted to reflect the ... Read More »

            I Want to Let the House Go. My Husband Wants to Keep It. What Should We Do? – Amy

            “Dear Lewis, We filed chapter 13 and it was confirmed a year ago even though our income wasn’t sufficient. We owe 300,000 on house and received a letter from mortgage company that we defaulted and are behind 6 months. We aren’t behind 6 months. My husband has been working to get it caught up and we are behind 3 months. ... Read More »

              How Do I Get Out of My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy With My Deadbeat Husband I’m Now Separated From? – Donna

              “Dear Lewis, In March of this year my husband and I filed a chap 13. He was making the payment out of his earnings. Since then we have seperated and are living apart. He lost his job and is homeless and only working part-time. The attorney has come after me to make these payments. my husband is not giving me ... Read More »

                I’ve Got Three Kids, Falling Behind, Unemployed and Have a Lot of Debt. – Kevin

                “Dear Lewis, Here’s my situation. My name is Kevin, I am married with 3 kids. My story began when my wife and I tried to restructure our finances by applying for Obama’s mortgage modification program. The irony is we didn’t need to, but we were told that we qualified and figured, if we could save some money lets do it. ... Read More »

                  Our Chapter 13 Payment is Too Much For Us to Handle. Help! – Melanie

                  “Dear Lewis, Currently in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. (will be 3 years in Aug.). I was working 2 jobs at the time of filing, my husband 1 job. We have a son age 17 a daughter age 22. They both live with us..daughter claimed her own dependent status last year on taxes..if full time student..the trustee raised our payment since ... Read More »

                    I Filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy But Found Out I’m Not Eligible for a Discharge Due to a Previous Chapter 7. – James

                    “Dear Lewis, I took on more than I can handle in a short period of time. I took out secured installement loans and I got behind on them. I also had a title pawn out on my car. I then lost my job and the creditors were calling me everyday saying they were going to show up at my house ... Read More »

                      I’ve Already Been Sued by a Debt Buyer. Would It Make Sense to File Bankruptcy? – Joshua

                      “Dear Michael, When I was in college, I couldn’t find a job in the summer of 2008. I was unable to make any of the payments on my credit cards and my auto loan. I buried my head in the sand and ignored everything. The car got repossessed and the collection calls started with the credit cards and the repossession ... Read More »

                        I’m Being Sued by a Creditor And Was Told Only Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Might Be Right For Me. – Tim

                        “Dear Lewis, i am being sued by collection/ law firm(s) have received a citation of suit from a lawyer representing citibank. i have done online search for low cost attorney and spoke with one on the phone for court representation, he then pointed me towards a bankruptcy lawyer because he knew the suing firm well, i have done a consult ... Read More »

                          I Need to Lower My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment. Do I Need to Get a Divorce so I Can File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – Amy

                          Ready to Collapse

                          “Dear Steve, We have paid 15 months into chapter 13 bankruptcy. house payment went up , insurance went up, ex hasn’t paid child support which my attorney says isn’t figured into payment, but I can’t afford payments this high anymore, I can’t even buy a pair of shoes for my kids, what do I do. My husband suggests divorce and ... Read More »

                            Can the Bank Change My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment Plan Afterwards? – Bryce

                            Ready to Collapse

                            I filed for chapter 13 in February 2006 with a payment plan that would pay off unsecured debts of credit cards, personal loans, and did a voluntary repossesion of my vehicle. The plan was for a dollar amount to be paid over 56 months. About April 2010 I recieved a letter from the Trustee stating the current payment plan would ... Read More »

                              Bankruptcy Filings Way Up. 73% File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


                              The latest year-on-year bankruptcy numbers are out and nobody should be surprised that bankruptcy filings are way up. In the year ending September 30, 2010 the number of Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings was up 14% and Chapter 13 bankruptcies were up 8%. – Source Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases account for 73% of all consumer bankruptcy cases filed. Now you can ... Read More »

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