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We Handed Our House Back in Bankruptcy But The Chase Bank Refused to Accept It. – Ron

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“Dear Steve, Wife lost her job 2 years ago – since then we liquidated savings, sold a cabin, got rid of both vehicles, searched high and low for a job for my wife. 18 months ago we applied for a loan modification as our monthly loan amount increased due to escrow increases. Then 6 months after trying to get the ... Read More »

    Mortgage Loan Modification Problems. Delayed then Denied, Often Mistakenly

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    Loan Mod Profiles: Delayed then Denied, Often Mistakenly by Karen Weise ProPublica, Today, 10:09 a.m. Download the audio. Listen to David Moe talk about trying to get a loan mod. Retired pastor David Moe describes the process of trying to get a loan modification — only to be denied after more than a year — as nothing short of “The ... Read More »

      Even Though Cosigner Wants to Payoff Mortgage, Chase Bank Still Foreclosing

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      In an odd twist, a Stratford, Connecticut man’s mother is being foreclosed on by Chase Bank even though he is wiling to pay the mortgage off. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

        Chase Bank Kicking the Shit Out of Attorney Run Debt Settlement. Not the Safe Harbor Some Think.

        In June, 2010 Chase bank filed an adversarial proceeding against now disbarred attorney Keith “Andy” Nelms in his bankruptcy filing that he filed when his debt settlement law firm, Allegro Law, went bust. The complaint filed by Chase seems to make it pretty clear they are not fans of debt settlement. Chase makes an interesting argument when it says the ... Read More »

          Supreme Court to Hear Case About Chase Bank Raising Interest Rates on Cardholders

          In October, 2010 the Supreme Court of the United States will hear the case of Chase Bank, NA v. James McCoy which was originally filed in 2006 and has been working its way through the court system having been appealed by Chase Bank, now JPMorgan Chase. This case presents the question of whether the notice requirements of the Truth in ... Read More »

            I Used My Cash and Savings to Stay Current on My Debt. – Loui

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            “Dear Steve, I Was laid-off Jan of 09, used my savings and cash available to stay current on all debt. I’m recently found employment but Chase has already file a lawsuite against me. I call Chase and worked out a payment plan but they plan on submitting this as a judgement. I was told by a bankrupcy attorney that chase ... Read More »

              Chase Bank Lowers My Credit Limit As I Make Payments Each Month. – Josh

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              Josh “Dear Steve, Chase Credit Cards are cutting my limits as I pay off the card saying the same thing each time. So, Chase has been cutting my limits despite me having a solid 720+ credit rating. Seems like every time I send in $500 they cut my limit proportionately. They claim my balance has grown too much in each ... Read More »

                Have a Chase Bank Card. You Might Be Getting Fired.

                Chase Bank has announced to shareholders that they will be chopping off 15% of card members. CEO Jamie Dimon announced. “In the future, we no longer will be offering credit cards to approximately 15% of the customers to whom we currently offer them. this is mostly because we deem them too risky in light of new regulations restricting our ability ... Read More »

                  My Hydroponic Farm Burned Down. – Jay

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                  “Dear Steve, I had a hydroponic farm business that burned down four years ago. I rebuilt it using credit cards and then I could not make everything cash flow and I have since sold the buildings and equipment piece by piece. Two years I had 40 creditiors. Total credit cards 200K school loans for 3 people 200K morgages and notes ... Read More »

                    I’m in Debt and Talked to CCCS and They Said They Could Not Help Me. – Ray

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                    Ray “Dear Steve, I have about $75,000 in credit card debt on 3 cards. I know I have been spending beyond my means and I have already changed my ways. I didn’t have any trouble paying my bills until a few months ago, when several things that needed cash added up. I have never been late on payment of any ... Read More »

                      Holy Crap. Chase Minimum Credit Card Payment Goes to 5% of Balance for Mary.

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                      “Dear Steve, My husband and I have credit card debt of $ 87,000 and medical bills of about $ 2,000. The credit card int. rates vary from 2.99 to 9.99%. We have 2 teenage children. We own a mobile home and a couple acres but don’t have much equity in it. We both have fairly good jobs and have paid ... Read More »

                        Chase is Making Me an Offer. Either Pay More Each Month or Pay More. – Sheri

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                        Sheri “Dear Steve, My Chase credit card balance is approx $3,500. Most of the balance is 4.99% for life of loan. I haev automatic deduction for minimum payment (2%). They are increasing my minimum payment to 5% which I cannot budget for. Can they do this legally? They offered to keep the payment near $70 but increase my interest rate. ... Read More »

                          Should We Make a Deal With Chase Bank on Repaying Our Debt?

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                          “Dear Steve, My husband has a credit card with a $10,000 balance and interest at 23%. needless to say it is impossilbe to get the balance down. he was also laid off last year which doesnt help. i am interested in making a “deal” with Chase if its an option. we have been late on a couple payments over the ... Read More »

                            My Parents are in Their Late 80s and Can’t Make Ends Meet With Chase Card Increase. – Brenda

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                            Brenda “Dear Steve, I helped my parents in their late 80’s transfer balances to a low 3.99% till pay down, because they had been solicited by a number of credit card companies to go ahead and use the convenience checks for a low promotional which grew to over 36% interest. They used it to pay their property taxes, insurance, heating ... Read More »

                              I’m in Debt Due to My Own Foolishness and Stupidity. – Mari

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                              “Hi Steve, I am $18k in credit card debt due to my own foolishness and stupidity. My intentions were good, and I was good at paying my debt, but since I accumulated so much, I eventually wasn’t able to pay them all on time. There are a couple unsecured credit card debts ($4k from Chase and $6k from WaMu) that ... Read More »

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