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I Got Caught in the Chase Credit Card Term Changes That Raise My Interest Rate. – Dave

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“Dear Steve, Caught in the Chase scam. Accepted offer of “low interest for the life of the loan” to consolidate debt with a Chase card. I have always paid on time and more than the minimum, and have not used the card for shopping or other purposes. They now advise that my minimum payment will go up to 5% (from ... Read More »

    What Can We Do to Force Chase Bank to Give Us Realistic Repayment Terms? – David

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    “Dear Steve, My wife Shantell has two unsecured credit cards from Chase Bank. Her debt on the cards totals about $23,000.00. They are threatening to sue her on January 14 if she does not pay almost $2400 on the largest debt upfront to have the debt removed from the hands of the attorneys so she can deal directly with Chase. ... Read More »

      John McCain Has Bad Credit Card Rates

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      So there I was on opensecrets.org and looking at the financial disclosure form for presidential candidate Senator John S. McCain, III, and right there on page 27, there it was. John and Cindy McCain have a joint credit card with Chase bank with a balance of between $10,000 to $15,000 and they are paying 25.99% on it. That hit me ... Read More »

        Chase Put a Hold on My Bank Accounts and I Can’t File for Bankruptcy. – Gina

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        Gina “Dear Steve, Chase places a judgement against me for $3,700 for a credit card. I was going to include this in my bk. They got to me before I could file and put a legal hold against 3 bank accounts (joint checking, joint savings, personal checking). The hold was for $7,500 per account for a total of negative $22,500. ... Read More »

          I’m Doing Debt Settlement and Getting Sued by Chase Bank. – Darlene

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          Darlene “Dear Steve, My husband and I have a judgement against us from Chase for $5200. Our debt settlement company said they would answer the summons for us. The lawyer from Chase said they don’t work with debt settlement. We told them we didn’t have the money to pay (may be losing our home). The next thing we know we ... Read More »

            Circuit City May Be Dead, But Not The Circuit City Credit Card. It’s Alive.

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            This news about Best Buy and Circuit City was recently reported. Best Buy Co. Inc. is making a move to woo people who had credit cards through its now-defunct competitor — Circuit City, according to media reports. Best Buy spokeswoman Sue Busch told Bloomberg News that Chase Bank USA will automatically issue Best Buy cards to existing Circuit City credit-card ... Read More »

              Credit Card Companies Are Coming For You. Protect the Wife and Children.

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              I see a new advertising campaign in our future. When Banks Panic You Lose Even though the Federal Reserve has lowered its rate to 1%, banks are raising your interest rates in hopes of making a bigger profit. Oh yes, they are raising your fees or charging news ones as well. At a time when the government is pleading for ... Read More »

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