My Parents Said I Should Go With My Education Solutions

Question: Dear Steve, I wanted to know if it is difficult to file for student loan relief programs on your own or if it is better to use a company. My parents said I should call My Education Solutions after seeing them on the news a few times. I watched some of their news interviews … Read more

What Planet is Debt Free Angels On? I’m Going With Uranus.

A reader sent in a tip about a claim made on the San Antonio, Texas Debt Free Angels website ( regarding how their service helps protect a security clearance. I thought they certainly can’t be saying that. And there it is. Debt Free Angels is a debt relief company that has appeared in this site … Read more

Reader Raises Questions About Debt Free Angels. Good Questions.

A reader, now a beloved tipster (send in your tips here), sent in some questions about a San Antonio, Texas company, Debt Free Angels. Here is what Shawn said. This company in the above link claim to eliminate 60%-80% of debt while claiming to boost credit. They also claim to avoid “Lawsuits” and no long … Read more