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We Moved from Australia to the UK and Now Can’t Pay AMEX. – Chantel

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Chantel “Dear Steve, My husband and I moved to England from Australia two and a half years ago and everything was going fine but unfortunatley our circumstances have changed quite dramatically. We have two credit cards one with Amex and another with City bank which totals nearly twenty thousand between them. We have always paid our bills and have not ... Read More »

    I’m a Real Estate Agent and Losing My House. – Joe

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    “Dear Steve, Over-extended. Lost my job in May, Citi Mortgage will not modify the terms of my Mortgage. I have not paid the mortgage for several months, but have paid all my cc bills. I am out of money, Citi wants to put me on a forbearance plan that adds 2k to my payment each month… I don’t have the ... Read More »

      My Mother Was In An Accident And Lost Her Job And Can’t Pay – Paula

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      “Dear Steve, My mother was in an accident and lost her job, we lost our tenant in our house for about 6 months in which bills got backed up, credit cards and loans were used to pay for the bills since my mom’s income was gone. She got a new job but does not make much, my father is the ... Read More »

        Heidi Montag Warns Consumers About Using Credit Cards for Plastic Surgery. Funny!

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        Here are a couple of videos to make you smile today, even though Heidi can’t. Bonus Funny Video Read More »

          Citibank Raised My Interest Rate From 11% to 24.99%. – Richard

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          “Hey Steve, Citibank just raised my credit rates from under 11 percent to 24.99 percent!. Needless to say, but not happy. I have my own business. I need credit at times. Yes, it has been a struggling two years now. Banks are tighting. people are going bankrupt and business does suffer some. I am thinking positive that things will change. ... Read More »

            Citibank Lowered My Credit Score. – Robert

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            “Dear Steve, Citi Bank recently raised my interest rate from 9.5 to 29.99, even though I had a perfect payment record. This raised my monthy payment from $300 t0 $750 per month. I called them, and they agreed to return my interest to 9.5 if I agreed to not use my card and allow them to draft the $300 from ... Read More »

              I Owe Citibank And They Want to Take Me to Court. – Paul

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              “Dear Steve, I owe about $11,000 on a Citibank credit card and they won’t make me an offer that I can afford. They’re threatening to take me to court. Paul”   Dear Paul, When you sign an application for a credit card you are entering into a legal agreement to repay that loan. And a credit card is a loan. ... Read More »

                What Can I Do to Lower My Interest Rate With Citibank? – Joe

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                “Dear Steve, Well I have a fair amount of credit debt about 50 grand, half of that with citibank, I have always paid my bills but now Citibank has raised my interest to 24.99. the payments are now truly more than I can pay. I own a home (which i make payments on and is not in any danger). I ... Read More »

                  Citibank Screwing Credit Counseling Groups With Back Room Offers That Confuse Consumers

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                  Word from inside the credit counseling industry today tells me about a very backhanded and disturbing practice that Citibank is rolling out that seems to scupper the effectiveness that a debt management or credit counseling program might have when it includes a Citibank debt. This practice will only create uncertainty among people having trouble and leave them confused about their ... Read More »

                    Citibank is Holding Me Over a Barrel With Change in Terms. – Steve

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                    “Dear Steve, I have had a Citibank card for 20 years. I carry just under $15,000 in debt. Recently I received notice from them that the terms of my account are changing. Included is an increase in the variable to 18.99% from 14.240%. They have given me the right to opt out and pay down my balance on my current ... Read More »

                      As Medical Costs Rise, More People to Charge Medical Care

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                      When doctors first began accepting credit cards for payment years ago, patients were shocked. The impression was that the doctor was just in it for the money. Then a few years latter some medical offices began to offer credit company backed financing for larger medical procedures, again patients were shocked. This trend was lead by GE Money and their CareCard ... Read More »

                        Credit Card Review – Citi Platinum Select MasterCard Mailing


                        Today I’m going to review the Citibank Platinum Select Mailing that is going out. The front of the envelope looks like the image below. Front of Mailer Back of Mailer I have to give Citibank props for doing a good job on making the envelope direct and accurate. Much better than other offers I’ve seen. The claims on the front ... Read More »

                          I Have No Assets And Collectors Are Coming After Me. Should I Go Bankrupt? – Tim

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                          “Hi Steve, Great Site, Great Photo’s. How do u make a living offering all this free help? My Question, I have around $100,000 in Credit Card Debt. I don’t own a home, it’s in my wife’s name. I lease a car 2002 Model payments $299 per month, car is worth less than the lease 100,000 Miles on it. I am ... Read More »

                            A Secret You Are Not Supposed to Know – Citibank CCCS Credit Counseling Terms

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                            I’ve written a lot about the misperception that people have that going into a CCCS or credit counseling program involves some sort of negotiation with your creditors. It doesn’t. You will notice that none of the credit counseling groups say that they are there to defend you and put you first. This is because no matter what they say, as ... Read More »

                              Credit Card Companies Are Coming For You. Protect the Wife and Children.

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                              I see a new advertising campaign in our future. When Banks Panic You Lose Even though the Federal Reserve has lowered its rate to 1%, banks are raising your interest rates in hopes of making a bigger profit. Oh yes, they are raising your fees or charging news ones as well. At a time when the government is pleading for ... Read More »

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